Veronica Montelongo: Family and Alimony

Veronica Montelongo's Net Worth as of September 2023 is $1 Million

Quick Facts of Veronica Montelongo

Net Worth$1 Million
SalaryNot Known
HeightNot Known
Date of BirthNot Known

Veronica Montelongo is an American actress, reality television program star, real estate mogul, and ex-wife of Armando Montelongo.


Veronica Montelongo has never made her birth date or place of birth public. Moreover, she has also not given any personal information about her parents, siblings, schools attended, or other family members with anyone.

Not much information about Veronica is known or available, including her maiden name. However, there is unsubstantiated conjecture that she goes by Veronica Monique.

Family and Marriage

Veronica Montelongo was married to Armando Montelongo, a reality television personality, real estate “flipper” mogul, actor, and producer.

The precise date of their marriage is unknown. However, there are rumors that they were married for a long period.

In addition, some speculate that they were married for up to 14 years. Furthermore, they did not have or chose not to have any children throughout their marriage.


It is unclear which of them filed for divorce in 2011, but others speculate that it was Armando.

Before filing for divorce and near the end of their reality show’s fourth and fifth seasons, the couple’s loving and blissful marriage abruptly took a turn for the worse.

His interactions with Veronica Montelongo became difficult, as were his interactions with contractors. The pair just grew apart and had profound ideological disagreements.

Their divorce was finalized in 2012 by a San Antonio court, but the terms of their separation agreement were kept private.

Suing for Alimony

Veronica took Armando to court in Bexar County District in 2017 for breach of their divorce settlement agreement.

However, the settlement revealed their previously hidden agreement, and it became evident that Armando was supposed to pay Veronica $4,000 in weekly alimony.

The deal also provided a spousal maintenance payment of $250,000 each year for the next five years. Instead, Veronica sued her husband for failing to pay Veronica a balance of $147,500 from the agreed-upon sum in 2016.

In addition, Veronica went on to ask the court to imprison her ex-husband if he did not pay up.

The court resolved the problem, and Armando met all of his commitments to Veronica.

Veronica Montelongo: Career

Before Veronica and Armando launched the reality television show “Flip This House,” which debuted on A&E on July 24, 2005,

Veronica Montelongo with his husband Armando Montelongo (source MySA)

Furthermore, the show lasted five seasons; the public knew very little about her before the television show became popular.

Flip This House displayed Veronica and Armando Montelongo’s real estate business. Moreover, the couple ran with a few partners in the San Antonio area and throughout the United States of America.

They would buy old or run-down residences from their owners and engage building contractors to remedy the faults with the property.

Furthermore, the pair intends to “flip” or sell the property to new owners to make a substantial profit from the transaction.

Most of their business operations were successful, albeit with controversies and reservations.

After the show

After the reality show concluded and her divorce from Armando was finalized. Veronica Montelongo entered the acting field and appeared in the 2013 film “Line of Duty.”

She played “Bobby’s mother,” one of the film’s main characters. Her ex-husband also appeared in the film.

However, the film was a flop, and she has never been in another one since.

Veronica Montelongo: Net Worth

The realtor is worth $1 million and has created her own real estate company, which she has separated from her ex-husband.

Veronica Montelongo (source Pocket News Alert)

Furthermore, she is working hard to amass some personal riches.

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