We Bet You Didn’t Know These Things About Dorit Kemsley and Her Family

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Dorit Kemsley is an American fashion designer and reality television star best recognized for being one of the cast members of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills (RHOBH). She is one of the standout characters of the show for a number of reasons, including the fact that even though she is an American, she has a British accent which has made her personality a subject of controversy.

The TV show premiered on the 14th of October 2010 as The Real Housewives but was renamed The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills in its sixth season with Dorit joining the cast in the following season. Notwithstanding the fact that she became a member of the show’s cast in its seventh season, Kemsley has established herself as a strong character.

Although you may know some details about her, this article brings to you more information about Dorit and her family that you may not have known.

Facts About Dorit Kemsley and Her Family

Education and The Beginning of Her Career

Born on the 16th of July 1976 in Woodridge, Connecticut, Dorit attended Quinnipiac University-School of Business from where she finished with a degree in marketing, design, and communications. She moved to Italy when she was 19 and there, she secured a job in an international fashion company that makes swimwear.

Ten years after working with the firm, she decided it was time to establish her own company. Consequently, she moved to New York where she started her own fashion line named Dorit International, a firm that also revolves around making swimwear.

The Origin of Her British Accent

Despite being from Connecticut, Dorit Kemsley sometimes speaks with a British accent and this has made a lot of fans judge her accent on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills as unreal. However, in a bid to clear the air, the TV star explained that the way she speaks is a result of different things, including the fact that she is married to a British man who has a very strong London accent, some of which she unconsciously picked up over time.

According to her, another factor that influenced her accent is the fact that both of her parents are not Americans, and they speak multiple languages. Dorit is also a polyglot and can speak English, Hebrew, Spanish, and Italian fluently. She also revealed that she spent about 10 years of her life shuttling between Europe and America. Additionally, Kemsley invested a good amount of time working in different parts of the world and in a number of places where English is not a primary language.

She Uses Her Real Accent When…

Despite the explanations, a lot of people still do not believe that Dorit Kemsley’s accent on RHOBH is real. As a result, an audience member threw the big question at her during the November 17, 2019 RHOBH: The Real 90210 panel at BravoCon. Responding to the query about when she uses her real accent, Dorit said she would not be able to fake anything with her co-casts on the reality show, this is because she is with them all the time.

Dorit Kemsley’s Marriage and Family Life

Dorit is a wife and a mother of two. She met her husband Paul Kemsley (PK) in 2014 at a restaurant and by March 2015, they exchanged marital vows in an elaborate wedding that took place in New York. Paul is a popular English business mogul best known as a real estate developer, an ex-vice-chairman of the English professional football club, Tottenham Hotspur, and as the chairman of the rebirthed Uniondale, New York Cosmos professional soccer club. The reality TV star runs a management agency called Nixxi Entertainment with her husband and among their clients is Boy George, who lives with them.

The marriage between PK and Dorit Kemsley has produced a son named Jagger and he has a sister named Phoenix. In the course of an episode of RHOBH, it was disclosed that Jagger had a health challenge, which was eventually found to be dyspraxia. The condition is a developmental disorder of the brain in childhood that makes it difficult for sufferers to get involved in activities requiring coordination and physical movement.

What Is Her Net Worth? 

The TV star is where she is today as a result of sheer hard work and determination. Some people who knew nothing about Dorit before she became a reality star might assume her popularity is only as a result of her marriage to a wealthy man, that’s not the case. She had already gotten her fashion company off the ground prior to meeting and getting married to PK.

Being an enterprising woman, Dorit Kemsley soon got involved in her husband’s businesses and even co-owns/runs some of them with him. Consequently, the financial strength of the duo has increased with a combined net worth of about $242 million. Meanwhile, various reports have estimated Dorit’s net worth around $50 million.

The Kemsley’s New Home Is All Shades of Classy

The beautiful lady and her husband recently moved into a new mansion which they bought for $6.475 million in Encino. The house is highly secured and sits within a gated compound. It has a grand foyer, six bedrooms, six-and-a-half bathrooms, a gourmet kitchen, and a large dining area. The tastefully furnished modern building also has some relaxation spots such as a wine room, a screening room, and a sauna. Surrounding the property is a beautiful landscape, including a swimming pool, spa, and sundeck.

Financial and Legal Issues

Dorit Kemsley and her husband have had their fair share of financial and legal issues. In 2019, sometime in July, it was reported that Dorit’s bank account which is also listed under her husband’s name, was frozen on the order of a judge due to a $1.2 million lawsuit filed against the couple by their former business partner named Nicos Kirzis. From what we gathered, Nicos accused them of not paying a loan and the case eventually ended with the couple parting with $1.2 million.

2019 also saw the couple dealing with almost $1 million federal tax liens accumulated over a period of three years.

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