What Happened To Carole Ann Boone ‘Ted Bundy’s Ex-Wife’ and Where Is She Now?

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In the good old books of history, there are accounts of people who did things that make us all cringe whenever their tales are told. One such person is Theodore Robert Bundy who is infamously known as Ted Bundy. Ted was an American serial killer who sent many girls and young women to their early graves. Despite his wanton cravings for killing and disregard for the implications of his dastardly acts on his victim’s families, Ted did have his own family. He had a wife named Carole Ann Boone who even bore him a child.

Carole’s personality and how she came to be the wife of one of America’s most dreaded killers has remained a question that piques the interest of many people. In this article, you will learn all there is to know about her and where she is now.

How Carole Ann Boone Became Ted Bundy’s Wife

In the ’70s and possibly earlier than that as reported by some sources, had begun his killing spree targeting mainly young women and girls. He committed this heinous crime across 7 states in a space of 4 years between 1974 to 1978. However, before this time, he worked in the Department of Emergency Services in Olympia, Washington and it was there that he met Carole Ann Boone as his office colleague.

Ted and Carole began an office relationship at the time that many reports now described as harmless. Then, Carole was getting over her second divorce and was also in a relationship with someone else just like Ted. Ted expressed his desire to date Carole but she declined at first. But as their office work kept bringing them closer, Carole soon began to like the would-be serial killer.

Around the time Ted Bundy and Carole Ann Boone began dating, Ted had already started kidnapping, raping, and murdering young women. He was so good at hiding this aspect of his life that Carole grew to love him deeper for the charming young man he presented himself to be on the outside.

As Bundy went on with his criminal life, nemesis was just about catching up with him. On August 16, 1975, Bundy was arrested after a patrol officer found items that were initially thought to be for burglary in his car. But for a complaint that had already been lodged in November 1974 about a suspect that matched Ted’s description, he was taken in for questioning. Ted, after the arrest and a series of investigations which unearthed incriminating evidence against him, got convicted for his crimes.

Ann’s Conjugal Visits and Their Daughter

Despite Ted’s incarceration and the likely implication of the sentence he would get, the love between Ted Bundy and Carole Ann Boone as it were, grew even stronger. They exchanged letters and Carole visited him in jail as often as she wanted. Two years later, Bundy was extradited to Colorado where he would finish off his 15-year jail sentence but a criminally minded Ted was far from giving up his old ways. He was able to escape the prison facility and fled to Florida. In Florida, he murdered Margaret Bowman and Lisa Levy; two Chi Omega sorority girls and later murdered a 12-year-old Kimberly Leach. He was later caught.

Even with the new murder charges against Ted, Carole was far from giving up her love for the murderer. She relocated to Florida to attend his trials and in particular secured a house in Gainesville about 40 miles from the prison where Ted was serving. She visited him almost on a weekly basis and it wasn’t long before her visits turned conjugal. As Ann would later come to reveal, the guards were really nice to them and often turned a blind eye whenever they walked in on them.

During one of his trials in court, Ted asked Carole Ann Boone to marry him and she agreed. Going by an existing Floridan law which stated that the presence of a judge in a courtroom was enough to substantiate a marriage pronouncement, Ted became legally married while standing trial for his crimes.

By this time, Ted Bundy had already been sentenced to death for the murders he committed but Carole didn’t mind. The two went on with their relationship and through Ann’s conjugal visits, she conceived and later gave birth to their daughter named Rose Bundy sometime in October 1981. However, Ann’s love for Ted wasn’t one that would last forever. About 4 years before Ted’s execution on January 24, 1989, Ann Carole Boone divorced the murderer. Reports have it that she also did not see him again till his death.

What Happened to Carole Ann Boone, Where Is She Now?

Throughout most of ‘s trial, Ann maintained that he was innocent and in fact wasn’t capable of carrying out the murder charges leveled against him. However, Ted’s confession and admittance of committing the heinous crimes in his last days revealed to Ann an aspect of his life she never knew. It is believed that this strained their relationship in no small way.

Carole Ann Boone got famous as the wife of a murderer on death row who wouldn’t give up her love for her husband. However, prior to her husband’s execution, whatever she felt for Ted waned. After his execution, she distanced herself from everything that had to do with Ted. Reports have it that she moved to Oklahoma and changed her name to Abigail Griffin, married and led a quiet life. Others reported that she died in 2005 aged 58.

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