What is Mina Starsiak Net Worth & Does She Make Money From ‘Good Bones’?

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In recent times reality TV has proved to be an easy way for TV networks to amass a huge fortune with very little effort as regards what the script should sound like, scenery and many other things usually taken into consideration during the creation of a regular TV show or film. One of the most talked-about reality TV shows in recent times has to be HGTV’s Good Bones. The show which first aired on March 22, 2016, has seen Mina Starsiak’s net worth rise significantly.

The show revolves around the adventures of Karen E. Laine and her daughter Mina Starsiak on their quest to change the housing structures in their hometown, Indianapolis with much emphasis being placed on the Fountain Square and Bates–Hendricks neighborhoods. On the show, they buy old, dilapidated homes and transform them into urban structures with the installation of modern amenities before selling them to interested members of the public.

Prior to Good Bones, it is paramount to note that Mina Starsiak’s career in home remodeling did not just happen overnight; as a matter of fact, Starsiak first began her career as a waitress at Pizzology, while her mom, on the other hand, was a defense attorney. Starsiak knew she had a knack for home rehabilitation after she and her mom rehabilitated their first house. According to her, she taught herself everything needed to rehabilitate a house through the help of YouTube (except demolition since it comes naturally). Upon the successful rehabilitation of her first home she and her mom decided to delve into the rehabilitation business hence, they set up a company named “Two Chicks and a Hammer” in 2018 and began rehabilitating homes.

What is Mina Starsiak’s Net Worth?

By virtue of being a famous house developer and reality TV star, Mina Starsiak is expected to be worth a huge sum of money. The beautiful Indianapolis developer has become a national phenomenon thanks to her hard work and professionalism. A graduate of business and sociology from the University of Indiana, Mina discovered she wasn’t cut out for nine-to-five jobs, and as such she settled for a menial job as a part-time waitress before eventually finding her calling for house rehabilitation. Thanks to social media, her works didn’t go unnoticed as an HGTV scout came across her profile on Facebook, went through her works and was highly impressed by it. The agent soon began putting calls through Mina’s business line; calls which were constantly turned down by her with the impression that it was probably a spy.

When she eventually decided to pick up the call, she was surprised that it was an actual agent of HGTV; talks were held and she was given the chance to appear in her own reality TV show title Good Bones, hence the start of something new in her life. That being said, Mina Starsiak’s net worth is estimated to be at about $350,000, a figure expected to rise in the nearest future, given her dedication towards her job.

Does Mina Starsiak Make Money From ‘Good Bones’?

In recent times, there have been lots of speculations as to if Mina Starsiak makes money from featuring on the popular HGTV reality TV show Good Bones. In a bid to answer that question, it would be best to remind everyone of this very common principle which states that “the principal aim of any business is to make profit” and reality TV shows isn’t an exemption to that principle. Thus, it is obvious that Starsiak earns a huge sum of money from HGTV for being the most important cast in Good Bones, nevertheless, as a result of her private nature, the exact amount which she earns is pretty much a well-kept secret best known by her.

Although she earns money from the show for flipping houses, Starsiak loves to be regarded as much more than a house flipper. According to her, she feels she is rehabbing the neighborhood rather than just flipping as she strips a house down to studs before rehabilitating it while at the same time promoting Indiana as a state on TV, and giving Indiana locals an opportunity to display their trade on the show thereby making it possible for them to flourish in their chosen career path.

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