What Is Octavia Spencer’s Net Worth and Does She Have A Husband?

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Octavia Spencer is a multi-talented award-winning American actress and writer who rose to fame after her appearance in the box office hit movie The Help which earned her an Academy Award in 2011. She has been a consistent figure in the American film industry and has featured in so many high profile movies. If there was any doubt that she is enjoying a successful career, Octavia Spencer’s net worth is proof of how far she has gone in her career.

As a result of her brilliant roles in movies and reality television series, Spencer has gained wide recognition and for the records, she is one of the two black women who have been nominated three times for the Academy Awards and the first black actress to be nominated two times in a row. Aside from acting, Octavia is also an acclaimed author and has written many books including The Case of the Time Capsule Bandit and The Sweetest Heist in History.

Another interesting part of Octavia’s life is the personal side where she has chosen to do things differently. Her unique love life has baffled a lot of people but the actress is not moved by what people have to say about her decisions, rather, she keeps making good movies and improving her net worth.

How Octavia Spencer Made Her Money and Became Famous

Born Octavia Lenora Spencer in Montgomery, Alabama, USA, on May 25, 1970, the actress obtained a degree in Liberal Art at Auburn University after which she launched her career with full force. After graduation from the university, Octavia Spencer started her career in entertainment when she worked as an intern on the set of The Long Walk Home. The film also starred famous actress Whoopi Goldberg and was released in 1990.

In a bold career move following advice from her good friend Tate Taylor who is also the director of The Help, Spencer relocated to Los Angeles. In L.A, she got small roles in movies like A Time to Kill (1996), Never Been Kissed Before (1999), American Virgin (2000), and many more. In 2003, Octavia made her first stage appearance in The Trials and Tribulations of a Trailer Trashed Housewife.

In 2008, she was featured in a movie titled Seven Pounds and for her funny and witty performance, she was listed among the 25 Funniest Actresses in Hollywood by Entertainment Weekly. The multi-talented actress starred alongside Viola Davis, Bryce Dallas and Emma Stone in the movie adaptation of the novel, The Help in 2010. For her excellent portrayal of her given role in The Help, she won the Golden Globe Award in the Best Supporting Actress Category and a BAFTA Award for the same category. She equally won the Academy Award for the same role and was later invited to join the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Science in June 2012. The film grossed a whopping $216.6 million at the box office and pushed Spencer further to the limelight.

The star actress continued in her triumph and has featured in several other movies including Fruitvale Station which was released in 2013, Red Band Society in 2014, The Divergent Series from 2015 to 2016. She was the voice-over actor for Mrs. Otterton in Zootopia and was praised for her excellence in other movies like Hidden Figures in 2016, Guillermo Del Toro’s The Shape of Water in 2017 and lots more. Her more recent works are seen in Ma and Luce, both in 2019. While the former exceeded expectations and grossed $60.6 million at the box office, the latter brought in $2.011 million.

For the most part, Octavia Spencer’s net worth and fortune comes mainly from her career as an actress and perhaps, other ventures. However, her exact earnings per role are not public knowledge.

Octavia Spencer’s Net Worth

Spencer has attained the icon status in the American entertainment industry and has earned several awards since the inception of her acting career and has made a lot of wealth from reality television series and movies.

Octavia Spencer has a total net worth of $12 million. She reportedly earns big from her appearances in movies and TV shows, and the awards in her collection show how well she executes her roles. She, however, has had her fair share of the pay disparity in the industry which sees women of color earn less than their white counterparts and other issues that are often spoken against. She hinted at this during an interview when she how Jessica Chastain helped her get a pay raise.

What has Octavia Spencer’s Love Life Been Like?

The case about Octavia Spencer’s love life has been a very unique one that has left everyone wondering how she does it. While many celebrities take pride in successfully balancing a homefront with the busy schedule of a successful acting career, Octavia chose one over the other. The award-winning actress chose the comfort of awards and recognition over having a family of her own.

According to , the only special little man she has in her life is her Oscar Awards, and even though there are rumors that she was once an item with Josh Hopkins at one time and Tate Taylor at another time, they all ended as mere speculations that were never proven. The gorgeous star actress is often seen alone at public events and functions. Apparently, she doesn’t have a husband or boyfriend and has no kids at the moment.

How Does She Feel About Not Being Married?

There is no doubt that she is satisfied with her decision not to marry or have a child of her own. She has refrained from sharing why she chose not to tie her self to anyone, but she made it clear that the pressure to settle down does not bother her as much as it used to. Clearly, there was a time she felt depressed by the fact that she doesn’t have a family but not anymore.

At 43 in 2015, Octavia revealed during an interview that her eggs are fading away but she doesn’t mind that she has not produced any child. She is mostly working towards gaining more Oscars than having any kid.

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