What Is Roxy Jacenko’s Net Worth And Who Is Her Husband?

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Asides being a successful entrepreneur with her own firm to show for it, Roxy Jacenko is also big on the media front. A socialite and published author, the Australian beauty is equally a survivor who axed breast cancer from her life for good.

Roxy’s popularity took a good turn when she joined the 3rd season of The Celebrity Apprentice Australia. Her 2013 appearance on the show was plagued by controversies, making her the centre of attention but the show didn’t end on a sad note for her in the end. Get all the facts as you keep reading.

Roxy Jacenko Bio

Excluding the fact that she was born in Sydney, Australia, on 8 June 1980, Roxy’s early life is not much of public knowledge. That notwithstanding, we know her parents’ names are Nick Jacenko, father and Doreen Davis, her mother. Roxy also has a sister named Ruby Jacenko but their names are the only things known about her folks.

Likewise, her educational background is not known and we can’t confirm the institutions she attended – if she did at all. Probably fresh out of college at the age of 24, Roxy Jacenko became a business owner when she founded Sweaty Betty PR, a public relations firm in 2004. As the director of the Sydney-based firm, Jacenko became a public figure, dealing with big brands and companies such as Peugeot, Coles Supermarkets, Oliver Peoples and Harris Scarfe. Sweaty Betty PR also has among its over 70 clients, celebrities like and Hayden Quinn.

Television Stint

Roxy Jacenko almost became a reality TV star in 2010 when she secured a deal with the Seven Network for a role in The Sweat Box, a semi-scripted reality television show that was named after her PR agency. The show was forged to have some similarities with another US television show – The Hills and to ensure that they are not entirely the same, Sweat Box was planned to focus on Sydney’s affluent Eastern Suburbs. Sadly, before it even took off, it was announced by the network towards the end of 2010 that the production process for the show had been cancelled.

Nevertheless, Roxy Jaccenko got her chance to appear on a TV show in 2013, plying her trade on the Australian version of The Celebrity Apprentice. Worthy of note is the fact that her time on the popular show was plagued by conflicts with other participants, including Prue MacSween and Stephanie Rice. It was also alleged that she played favouritism with some of the team-mates. In the end, Rice emerged as the Celebrity Apprentice (winner) while Jacenko, John Steffensen and Jeff Fenech became her runners-up.

Her Books

Her first book was published in 2012 by Allen & Unwin. Speaking about the book titled Strictly Confidential: A Jazzy Lou Novel, Jacenko admitted that some significant character traits the novel’s main character has were gotten from her (Roxy). Some of these traits include her unalloyed dedication to her career, brief addiction to Nurofen, as well as her dieting rules. Roxy’s first book can be described as a semi-fiction, focusing on the behind-the-scene outlook of the public relations and fashion industries. According to columnist Ros Reines, some of the characters in the book were depicted as caricatures of the actual Sydney socialites.

The Jazzy Lou Novel series birthed Jacenko’s second book in 2013. She titled this one The Rumour Mill: A Jazzy Lou Novel. The novel ousted what would have been her second book titled The Insider, due to be released in December 2013 but she changed her mind along the line.

What Is Her Net Worth?

Roxy Jacenko may not be a household name in the world but she has really garnered a healthy amount of fame and prestige while building an impressive fortune over the years. The Australian self-made influential entrepreneur’s net worth is estimated at $13 million, garnered from her public relations company, published books, television exploits and other endeavours.


Who Is Her Husband?

In 2017, Roxy Jacenko admitted to her struggle with depression at the time her husband was serving his term in jail. Roxy and former investment banker Oliver Curtis became husband and wife in 2012 and in 2016, he went to jail after being convicted for insider trading. He got out of jail the next year.

Jacenko has a daughter named Pixie and a son – Hunter.

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