Who Is AJ Michalka, What Is Her Relationship With Aly Michalka?

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AJ Michalka is one-half of the Michalka sisters, she’s famous as an American actress, singer, and songwriter with many successful works both in the film and music industry.

The Michalkas are often inseparable with each being visibly present in whatever that is happening in the others life. Here, we are going to find out what the relationship between them is as well as introduce AJ to you as much as we have gathered information about her.

Who Is AJ Michalka

AJ Michalka (Amanda Joy Michalka) was born on the 10th of April 1991 in Torrance, California to Mark who runs a contracting company and his wife Carrie who is a professional musician and performer with JC Band.

Growing up, she spent some time in Seattle and then Milwaukee at a later time. AJ attended Mack Elementary where she featured prominently in a couple of music productions. She took to the arts quite early in life as she began acting in church plays at age 5, learned how to play the piano at age 6, and the guitar much later. Her life would eventually turn out to be all about music and acting.

AJ Michalka made her acting debut in March 2006 with a Disney Channel Original Movie titled Cow Belles where she portrayed the character of Courtney Callum alongside her sister Aly Michalka who played Taylor Callum. A few years later, she found a role to play in The Lovely Bones, a Peter Jackson film which was released in the early days of January 2015.

Other films and television series which she has to her credit include MTV film, Super Sweet 16: The Movie, J. J. Abrams 2011 film titled Super 8, Grace Unplugged in 2013 which became her biggest screen role as she was the main character, and ABC’s The Goldbergs where she acted as Lainey Lewis. Next came Weepah Way for Now which she co-produced in 2015, Dirty Lies (2016) where she played the character Tiffany, Apple of My Eye (2017) as Kai, and as Krista in Support the Girls (2018).

AJ’s musical career began in 2009 when she formed the musical duo 78violet with her sister Aly. 78violet lasted till 2015 before they decided to revert back to their original names which they have maintained since then. Some of her notable musical works include “It’s Who You Are” which was released in 2010 in the album “Secretariat”, “You Never Let Go” in the 2013 album “Grace Unplugged”, and “Walking on Sunshine” with Hayley Orrantia in the album “The Goldbergs Mixtape” (2017).

Indeed, AJ Michalka has seen a lot of success in her career, she has notably won the 2014 Movieguide Award in the category of Most Inspiring Performance in Movies. This was for her Grace Unplugged work. She also won a Napa Film Festival Award in 2015 which she shared with her sister for their Weepah Way for Now film.


What Is Her Relationship With Aly Michalka?

Wherever AJ Michalka is mentioned, Aly Michalka is sure to be mentioned as any success the former has seen in her entertainment career is very much tied to the works she has done together with the later.

AJ Michalka is the younger sister to Aly Michalka, one-half of the former 78violet music duo. Both girls grew up under the watchful eyes and caring hands of their music-loving parents. They were both raised Christians and have remained the same since becoming adults. Their parents are however now divorced.

Since their 2013 “Hothouse” song, almost nothing has been heard from them musically but judging by some tweets the duo made in and , we are sure to expect something worth the wait from Aly & AJ music.

According to records, Aly was born on March 25, 1989. She is now married to independent film producer, Stephen Ringer. Aly had met him on the set of her film Sequoia after which they took a liking to each other. The two decided to act on their feelings, they became lovers, and finally settled down for marriage on June 6, 2015. It was a small Christian wedding ceremony in Portofino, Italy.

Despite Aly’s marriage, the relationship between the sisters has remained as close as it has always been, not only are they professional musicians and actresses, they are also sisters who have lived all their life conscious of each other and attaining career successes together. Their bond is unbreakable.

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