Who is Alex Zedra? 5 Interesting Things You Need to Know About Her

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With the coming of the computer and then the internet, a lot of new job opportunities have emerged and become available to a vast number of people all over the world. Many have taken advantage of these opportunities and have created careers out of them. Alex Zedra is one of such people. She is best known for her online presence as an Instagram star. She has average followership on her eponymous Instagram handle with 573k followers.

Alex Zedra is also a known gamer as she is a popular player in the online game, World of Warcraft. This is where she earned her fame. She is also 2A Gun Slinger, Twitch Partner, and 1st Phorm Elite Athlete. But besides all of the aforementioned, the Instagram star is also a model who models for companies that make fitness products. Her Instagram page is filled with both her personal photos and those where she is either modeling or holding a gaming weapon. Learn more about the ingenious star in the following paragraphs.

Alex Zedra’s Background

Alex Zedra’s birth name is Alex Rogers. She was born on November 3, 1991, in South Carolina, America. She is an American citizen by birth, however, her ancestry and descent are not known as her parents’ identity have remained a mystery. Not is known about her childhood, however, in these 5 facts, you will gain more insight into who Alex is, how she got famous and have remained so since then.

5 Interesting Things to Know About Alex Zedra

1. Education and Career

Alex Zedra has kept much of her personal life private. There are no records that reveal anything about her educational background. Her elementary, high and tertiary institutions are not known. As for her career pursuits, a couple of them are known but it is not known which she started off with.

She was a former pastries chef at an unknown establishment. Currently, she has multiple careers. She is a 1st Phorm Elite Athlete, an FPS Gamer, a fitness instructor, a model for fitness products, a Twitch Partner, Instagram personality, and 2A Gun Slinger. It remains vague at this moment when she began any of these vocations. However, Alex Zedra is best known as an Instagram star.

2. Who are Alex Zedra’s Family Members?

Not all celebrities like to disclose information about their families and Alex Zedra falls into this category. She enjoys the comfort that comes with privacy in certain areas of her life. Until this time, she has not disclosed the identity of either of her parents. She has also not revealed what vocations they are in to. In addition to this, she has not uploaded any picture of her parents on any of her social handles. The only time she made mention of any parent was when she made a post to wish her mother Happy Mother’s Day.

As for siblings, Alex has a brother named Seth. It is not known if Seth is her older or younger brother or if he is her only sibling.

3. Personal Life – Who is Her Boyfriend or Husband?

Alex Zedra is not married, however, she is romantically linked to a fellow gamer named Eli Cuevas. Eli is an internet personality just like his girlfriend. He also runs a Twitch account where he uploads videos on online games such as PUBG, Resident Evil 2, League of Legends, among others. It is not certain when he began his Twitch account and how popular or successful he is on the platform. Asides being a Twitch personality, he was also once a television personality and appeared on Brothers In Arms on The History Channel. This was a five-part reality show which also featured another army veteran known as Vincent “Rocco” Vargas.

It is uncertain where Eli and Alex met or when they met. It is also not known when they began dating. What is certain is that the couple is engaged to be married. Eli proposed to Alex at the latter end of the year 2017, the exact day and month is unknown. The couple is yet to disclose any information on when and where they plan to wed. We will keep you posted on any updates on this regard.


4. Net Worth – What is Alex Zedra Worth?

Alex Zedra has made all her fame and fortune from her activities online. She is not only an Instagram star she is also an online gamer. Her modeling gigs through her Instagram page also keep the cheques coming. Her zeal and determination at her endeavors have earned quite a good sum of money over the years.

Research has shown that she makes $1,707.75 – $2,846.25 per post on Instagram. Being a Twitch star, she also earns from the platform. Statistical analysis has, however, revealed that she is worth a whopping sum of $1 million.

5. Height and Weight

Apart from being versatile in terms of vocations, Alex Zedra also has a penchant for body tattoos. The Instagram personality also has a body that any man would not want to lose sight of. For her height, Zedra stands at a height of 5 feet 3 inches which makes her not one of the tallest social media celebrities around. However, that height is balanced by her body weight of about 56 kilograms.

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