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Born into a musical family, Carnie Wilson’s career was always going to follow a similar path. It might be tough to pursue a musical career when your father is Brian Wilson of The Beach Boys and your mother Marilyn Rovell from The Honeys, but Carnie was not one to let the fear of not reaching her parents’ heights keep her from pursuing her passion. Together with her sister, Wendy Wilson, they sought to forge their own path and it was a great ride. The two sisters with their childhood friend, Chynna Phillips have sold over 12 million copies of their music. Here’s a breakdown of how Carnie Wilson became a music star, a television host and more.

Who is Carnie Wilson? – Bio

Carnie was born in Bel Air, California to music icons, Brian Wilson (Of the Beach Boys) and Marilyn Rovell (Of the Honeys) on April 29, 1968. There isn’t much public information about the childhood of Carnie nor is there anything about her education history.

Her career started with the establishment of the singing group, Wilson Phillips. The group, which consisted of her younger sister Wendy Wilson and Chynna Phillips, found success in the 80s and the 90s, selling over 12 million records with just two albums; Wilson Phillips and Shadows, and Light. The band, however, didn’t last very long and it disbanded in 1993.

After the disbandment of the group, sisters Carnie and Wendy kept recording music and in 1993, they released a Christmas album titled Hey! Santa.

Carnie, along with her sister and father recorded a 1997 album, The Wilson’s. Although the album was well received by critics, it failed to make a commercial splash. From the failed album in 1997 to 2002, Carnie Wilson was relatively inactive. She, however, attempted a solo career in 2003 recording a single, I Don’t Need You To, but like her first album, it didn’t garner much interest and the proposed album was shelved.

Carnie later regrouped with the rest of Wilson Phillips and the band recorded a third album, titled California. The album which was a tribute to the heydays of their parents’ music career featured cover songs of their hit songs. It did fairly well commercially.

After the release of the album in 2004, Carnie took another chance at a solo effort and released an album of lullabies for her daughter, Lola. Her second solo project was released in October 2007; it was a Christmas album titled Christmas with Carnie.

In a bid to still make a career in the limelight since music did not seem to be taking her where she wanted to be, Carnie started a career as a television host on her own talk show titled Carnie!. The show only lasted one year from 1995-1996.

Over the next 20 years, she’s appeared on various television programs, from talk shows to reality TV. As a television host, she has regularly stood in as a guest host on The Talk and she’s considered one of the leading candidates as a replacement should any of the hosts leave the show. Her most recent appearance is a guest appearance on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

In 2013, Wilson announced that she’s been diagnosed with Bell’s palsy.

Family – Husband, Dad, and Sister

Carnie Wilson continued her father’s tradition of marrying a musician by marrying Robert Bonfiglio, a musician and music producer in 2000. The couple shares two daughters together.

She has a sister, Wendy Wilson with whom she initially began the Wilson Phillips. Born on October 16, 1969, Wendy is the younger of the Wilson sisters and like her father and sister, she’s married to a musician, Daniel Knutson and they have four children.

Wilson’s passion for music started with her father, Brian Wilson. The music legend was a renowned singer and songwriter considered one of the greatest musicians of all time by Rolling Stone. He also won several notable music awards, including the  Grammys.


Carnie Wilson’s Weight Struggles

Carnie has been battling with weight problems pretty much her entire life. She has tried several tricks to lose weight permanently but hasn’t been very successful. She had a brief period of success after a gastric bypass surgery in 1999, losing about 150 pounds after the surgery.

In celebration of the massive success at reduction, she posed nude for Playboy but soon gained it all back not long after. This prompted her decision to go for another surgery in 2012 but it obviously was not as successful as the first because, from her recent photographs, she’s still battling too much weight. At her heaviest, she once weighed 300 pounds but there’s no figure for what she weighs at the moment.

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