Who Is Cesaro Of WWE, Where Is He From, His Height, Age, Net Worth, Teeth

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Cesaro a.k.a. Claudio Castagnoli is a Swiss-born professional wrestler who joined the WWE in September 2011. He is an accomplished wrestler especially in tag team competitions both on the independent circuit as well as with the WWE.

In addition to numerous independent titles, Cesaro has won the WWE’s United States Championship and the inaugural André the Giant Memorial Trophy. Alongside former tag team partner Chris Hero, Cesaro currently holds the record for the longest (364 days) reign as Ring of Honor (ROH) World Tag Team Champions. In January 2018, he won the WWE Raw Tag Team Championship for an unprecedented 5th time.

Age and Early Life – Who Is Cesaro Of WWE?

WWE Superstar Cesaro was born Claudio Castagnoli on December 27, 1980, in Lucerne, Switzerland. He trained in his home country before moving to Germany to launch his professional wrestling career under Westside Xtreme Wrestling (wXw) promotion. In his early years as a pro wrestler, Castagnoli established himself as a very successful tag team wrestler. He first formed the ‘Swiss Money Holding’ tag team alongside compatriot Ares and they went on to perform in several European countries and in the United States.

In 2004, Claudio Castagnoli relocated fully to the US to continue his professional wrestling career. Using his real name, Castagnoli competed under Ring of Honor (ROH) Wrestling Entertainment, Combat Zone Wrestling, and the Chikara Pro wrestling promotions. Late in 2004, he teamed up with Chris Hero forming ‘The Kings of Wrestling’ tag team and they went on to win the CZW World Tag Team Championship. He also won the 2005 Tag World Grand Prix where he teamed up with Arik Cannon to form the AC/CC tag team. Cesaro’s Kings of Wrestling also won the ROH World Tag Team Championship in September 2006 as well as the 2006 Chikara Tag Team championship.

Having won the inaugural Chikara Tag Team championship in 2006, Castagnoli won the title for the 2nd time in March 2010 tagging with his longtime partner Ares. He equally won the 2010 King of Trios tournament alongside Ares and Tursas. In April 2010, Castagnoli reunited with his King of Wrestling partner Chris Hero to win the ROH World Tag Team Championship for the second time. On October 9, 2010, he won the PWG World Championship, his first singles title in the United States.

Claudio Castagnoli’s stint with the WWE began in September 2011 when he signed a developmental contract with the company. Having adopted the stage moniker ‘Antonio Cesaro’, he marked his TV debut under WWE SmackDown on April 20, 2012. In August 2012, the wrestler clinched the WWE United States Championship title at the SummerSlam (2012) pre-show. His 239 days reign as WWE United States champion was brought to an end on April 15 following a defeat by Kofi Kingston.

In 2014 (April), Cesaro defeated at the Wrestlemania XXX to win the inaugural André the Giant Memorial Battle Royal. The following year, in February, he won his first WWE Tag Team Championship title alongside Tyson Kidd. By December 2016, Cesaro had a second reign as WWE Tag Team Champion when he teamed up with to win the WWE Raw Tag Team Championship at the Roadblock: End of the Line event. After losing the title in January 2017, he and Sheamus regained it in June 2017 following their defeat over the Hardy Boyz at the Extreme Rules event. The duo went on to win the title for a record 4th time at the Royal Rumble (2018) event and owing to their successful run as tag team partners, Cesaro and Sheamus were both traded to the WWE SmackDown brand during the 2018 WWE Superstar Shake-up.

Where Is He From?

Cesaro was born and raised in Switzerland’s central city of Lucerne. He developed a keen interest in wrestling at an early age and from his late teenage years, he started training and competing as a professional wrestler in Switzerland and Germany. Cesaro equally shuttled between Europe and the United States in the early days of his career. He relocated fully to the US in 2004 after winning the green card lottery which granted him permanent residency. In addition to his native Swiss German, Cesaro equally speaks English, German, Italian, and French languages.

His Net Worth

Since joining the WWE in September 2011, Cesaro has achieved immense success, especially as a tag team wrestler. He has equally been successful in his lone competitions. However, Cesaro is still adjudged by many to be one of the most underrated/underpaid WWE superstars of his generation. But thanks to his consistency, he has been able to do well for himself financially. The WWE superstar currently has a net worth of $1.5 million.


Cesaro’s Teeth

Injuries are ever-present risks associated with professional wrestling and this bloke is not an exception to this fact. On September 24, 2017, Cesaro suffered a gruesome injury while competing with his tag team partner Sheamus at the No Mercy (2017) event and as a result, 2 of his front teeth were pushed farther up into his gum. The injury became apparent when blood started gushing out of the wound. Nonetheless, the Swiss Superman was able to finish off the match. Cesaro and his partner eventually lost the match after which his mouth injury was stitched up followed by an emergency dental surgery.

Height and Other Body Measurements

Cesaro stands at an impressive height of 6 feet 5 inches (196 cm). He also maintains a body weight of 105 kg (232 lb). His training regimen is a hybrid of several intense physical training including the CrossFit regimen and other variants of Olympic-style weightlifting. Casero also stands out for his exceptional strength which according to him is “100% natural”.

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