Who is CoryxKenshin (Cory Williams) and Where is He Now, Is He Dead?

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CoryxKenshin once held sway as one of the most famous online gamers in the world. Armed with a quirky sense of humor, as well as a unique approach to playing video games, the American YouTuber and comic was over time able to garner a massive and loyal fan base on social media. He also managed to feature at some of the biggest gaming conventions in the world.

In recent times, however, CoryxKenshin has all but disappeared from social media. This has prompted questions about his whereabouts with some going as far as suggesting that he may not even be alive anymore. So, what is fact and what is fiction? All these are explored in detail below.

Who is CoryxKenshin?

CoryxKenshin was born Cory Devante Williams on the 9th day of November 1992. He is a native of Detroit, Michigan and is of African-American ethnicity. The YouTuber hails from a family of five that comprises his mother Stephanie, father Anthony K. Williams Jr., and two younger siblings; a sister named Aleya and a brother named Anthony.

Cory grew up in his home state and completed his high school diploma in regulation time. He subsequently enrolled to study media arts at Michigan State University in 2010 but, however, quit after two years and moved to the University of Michigan to study computer science. This second attempt at getting a college degree was also unsuccessful as he eventually quit to pursue a fulltime career as an online gamer.

Journey to YouTube Stardom

CoryxKenshin created his eponymous YouTube channel on the 27th of April 2009 and subsequently started uploading various content. During this initial time, he mainly posted comedy clips as well as video commentaries on his student life. His uploads were irregular as he only posted videos once or twice each week before eventually taking a hiatus from YouTube in late 2011.

After about a year and a half of absence, the Michigan native resumed uploading videos in April 2013. During this second coming, he scaled back his vlogs and comic clips and focused on gaming videos. The gamble paid off as his excellent gaming skills, as well as his hilarious commentary, fetched him thousands of fans.

The young man later scored a major boost in October 2015 when one of his gaming videos became a viral hit. The video titled “FNAF DUBSTEP G-DASH LEVEL!? YES PLS. | Geometry Dash (2.0)” amassed millions of views in a matter of days and also tripled his fan base.

Since his 2015 breakthrough, CoryxKenshin has gone on to become a bonafide YouTube star. He now has more than 5 million subscribers and a whopping 2.1 billion views on his channel. He has also featured at several notable gaming events including Comic-Con international. Additionally, he has collaborated with other YouTube stars including the likes of LordMinion77, Muyskerm, and Jacksepticeye.

What He Earns as a YouTuber

As expected, a flourishing YouTube career comes with a substantial level of financial rewards. Though CoryxKenshin’s exact income is not known, it is speculated that he earns hundreds of thousands of dollars each year. The YouTuber also runs an online store where he markets a variety of branded merchandise. With these and many other profitable business ventures, he has amassed quite a sizeable amount of wealth pegged at $450,000.

CoryxKenshin utilizes his fortune to make himself comfortable. In 2017, he reportedly purchased a 2,705 sq. ft home in Michigan. Additionally, he is also a philanthropist and has organized fundraising efforts for diverse charities. They include the non-profit “Charity: Water” which aims at providing clean and safe water for communities in developing countries.

Fact Check: Is He Really Dead? If No, Where is He Now?

CoryxKenshin has a penchant for taking unannounced hiatuses from his online activities. For instance, he quit uploading without any form of notice in February 2016. He, however, made a comeback two months later and apologized for keeping his fans in a lurch.

This same pattern repeated itself in January 2018 (he stopped uploading for four months) as well as in November 2018. In June 2019, the Michigan native uploaded a clip and informed his fans that he would return the following week. He has, however, not been heard from ever since then. This has made many of his devoted fans to wonder if he is still alive.

Several people have tried to make sense of his latest disappearance. Some posit that he may have found another lucrative venture while others believe that he may be dealing with some personal issues. Whichever it is, the fact remains that CoryxKenshin may very much be alive and is just taking a self-induced break from his online activities.

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