Who Is Derren Brown, Is He Gay, What Is His Net Worth? Facts You Must know

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In the world we live in, there is a vast range of professions which are normally not the everyday jobs that easily come to mind but still pass as a means of livelihood so far as they are not illegal. What the likes of Derren Brown do for a living falls into the category of such vast endeavors – he is widely known as an illusionist, mentalist, hypnotist, skeptic and amidst all the listed, he is also an accomplished writer who has written a couple of books.

Furthermore, Derren has been seen in many British TV series which includes the following: Trick or Treat, Trick of the Mind, Mind Control, and The Experiment. He has also been involved in stage performances as well as releasing several DVDs of his work.

Who Is Derren Brown?

Darren Brown’s birth date is recorded as 27th of February 1971 and his place of birth is Croydon, Surrey, England. He was born with the full name Derren Victor Brown. Derren had his high school education at Whitgift School in Croydon after which he got a degree in Law and German at the University of Bristol. While he was a student at the university, he created time to go watch the hypnotist Martin S Taylor and his performance inspired him on his chosen career as an illusionist and hypnotist. Also as an undergraduate, Darren Brown began to work as a conjurer and performed traditional close-up magic tricks in bars and restaurants.

At about 21 years of age, he commenced performing on stage shows at his school where he showcased his magic tricks and illusions. He eventually came into the limelight when he met Jerry Sadowitz who is a magician as well a comedian at the International Magic shop in Clerkenwell, London. The magician linked him to H&R Publishers and Productions who helped him put together his first big show titled Mind Control which earned him his first award.

Is The Illusionist Gay?

The eccentric mentalist cum illusionist has always been open about his sexuality and has never been ashamed to talk about his sexual orientation in interviews. The answer pertaining to his sexuality is publicly known as he flaunts the fact that he is gay and had admitted to being in a relationship with a designer whose name is Marc. However, Derren and Marc are no longer an item as the pair ended their union after 8 years

Net Worth

Derren Brown is obviously a hard worker and has worked himself to the top of his career with his net worth of a whopping $7.5 million. His earnings are directly linked to his TV appearances, shows, and tours. It is also speculated that he would be worth much more than this as time goes on.

His Family

The English illusionist’s parent’s names are Chris and Bob Brown. He is the first born of his family and he has just one brother who’s 9 years younger, his brother is named Dominic. Derren’s dad was an avid swimmer and he was said to be the head of the swimming team at Whitgift School but the occupation of his mum is not known.

Although Derren’s parents did not practice Christianity, they decided to send their son (Derren Brown) to Bible classes as at when he was about five years of age. As he grew into a teenager, Derren became an Evangelical Christian and was very committed to his faith and belief. Nevertheless, by the time he entered his twenties, he ceased being a Christian and became an atheist instead.

Facts You Must Know About The Illusionist

1. Aside from being an illusionist, Derren Brown works as a patron of the Parrot Zoo Trust in eastern Lincolnshire, England.

2. Derren is known to be an animal lover and had a parrot named Figaro for ten years before it died, he later owned another parrot called Rasputin. As a child, Derren Brown had two dogs named Tammy and Lucy which he had as pets.

3. As a painter, he paints famous people and makes hilarious paintings of them.

4. For a magician, it is no surprise that Derren Brown is a fan of Taxidermy.

5. It is worth knowing that the famed illusionist had in the past been banned from performing any of his tricks in many of the British casinos.

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