Who Is Ella Purnell? Brad Pitt Rumored Girlfriend – 5 Facts To Know

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Art is one of the main staples of England; right from its days as an Empire, it has been a nation that promoted creativity. From poetry to plays, painting, and drawing, England has always been a place where talented artists don’t have to worry about their works being appreciated. As such, it is not surprising that the country is one of the highest producers of the world’s leading creatives. The nation has blessed us with a good number of globally recognized names like Benedict Cumberbatch, , and Ella Purnell, a rising figure in the film industry whose name recently generated more attention following a rumored relationship with Hollywood superstar, Brad Pitt.

Who Is Ella Purnell, Brad Pitt Rumoured Girlfriend?

Ella Purnell is one of the young breeds of actors on the modern Hollywood scene whose carriage and talents have gone a long way to suggest that she’s going to be a big deal in the future. The British actress was born in London, England on the 17th of September, 1996 to her parents whose identities are currently unknown. However, we do know she was raised by both parents, along with three half-brothers from her father’s previous relationship.

Ella Purnell has always had a deep interest in performance arts, specifically acting. With the help of her parents, she began attending Sylvia Young Theatre School where she studied singing, dancing, and acting while she was a student at Forest School. Before Forest School, she was a student at City of London School for Girls.

As an actor in training, Sylvia Young Theatre School served as her agent through their internal talent agency created to help their students secure roles. The agency came in handy for Ella Purnell in 2008 when she was chosen amongst hundreds of girls to play a role in Oliver!, a theatre play in Theatre Royal, Drury Lane. It became her first role as a professional actress and she played the role for a year.

While she appeared on the play, Ella Purnell continued to audition for other parts and roles in other projects. She eventually secured one towards the end of her run in Oliver!. Her second professional role was as Young Ruth, a younger version of Keira Knightley in Never Let Me Go.

After her work on Never Let Me Go, she starred in Ways to Live Forever as Kayleigh. By the time Ella Purnell was 15, she had appeared in a play and three feature films. She was also named as of the top 10 UK Stars of Tomorrow by Screen International.

From 2011 till date, Purnell has starred in nine films, three television projects and in a theatre project titled Natives. She has been nominated for seven awards, all in 2015 for her performance in Wildlike, an independent film released in 2014.

Five Facts to Know about Ella Purnell

1. She has worked with many superstars

Ella is relatively new to the movie scene but that hasn’t fazed her as she has managed to deliver exceptional performances alongside some of the biggest names in the industry. She has acted alongside bigwigs like , , Brian Cox, and .

2. She still lives with her mother

One expects a young adult to be in a hurry to leave their parent’s house, especially when the child has the means like Ella Purnell who’s currently worth $1 million. This is not the case for the actress, she still lives with her mother in London. The two are definitely very close to each other.

It is difficult to classify Ella Purnell as a child actress because of the mature roles she played at a young age, but she did start acting professionally at the age of 12.

3. Ella Purnell is good with music instruments

The lessons at Sylvia Young Theatre School were not only about teaching her how to channel other personalities, but it also taught her how to play musical instruments like the guitar and piano.

4. Relationship with Brad Pitt

The tales about and Ella Purnell being lovers hasn’t been confirmed in any way. To the best of our knowledge, the two are not dating and have never been attracted to each other romantically.


5. Ella is a philanthropist

You are never too young to be a helping hand. That is the philosophy of Ella Purnell who has used her platform and influence to raise money for a couple of charitable issues. She has helped crowdfunding for the Children and Teenagers Crisis Assistance and has worked with Educate2Eradicate.

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