Who is Faze Apex? Age, Height, Girlfriend, Net Worth, Brother, Sister

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Gaming guru Faze Apex has earned a prestigious spot on the tech space for his incredible exploits. As the co-founder of the famous gaming group Faze Clan, the ace league game player has earned great popularity in the gaming world and has pulled in a lot of fans comprising of adolescents and adults in the process. Since joining the Faze House in 2014, it has been one success story or the other for Apex. Although he prefers to be discreet about his identity, we would give you some very interesting facts about the gamer.

Who is Faze Apex? His Bio, Age

He was born on 20th June 1996, in California. Although there is little information about his parents and childhood, it is popularly known that Faze Apex’s inclination to gaming started when he was very young. Growing up, he would watch lots of gameplay on YouTube, gradually building his interest and passion. This passion of his pushed him into creating and uploading videos while in high school. At the time, he was also motivated by the fact that many of his mates were doing the same thing. Gradually, creating game plays and uploading them on youtube became his forte.

Officially, Faze Apex made his first video in 2008 but started his own youtube channel bananafone34 in 2011. Before this time, he made use of the name Atrocity HD and played Call of Duty. From gaming and creating unique videos, he got acquainted with the Call of Duty sniping community. Gradually, the channel started to amass a great number of followers. On the channel, he created unique content and possessed all the attributes of a professional gamer. Faze at this time longed to become a part of a professional gaming clan.

It was during this time that Apex linked up with Thomas Oliveira the founder of Faze Clan. Faze Clan CEO Oliveira founded the group in May 2010, alongside Resistance, Housecat, and ClipZ. As Faze Apex’s followers started to rise, he caught the attention of Thomas who at the time was planning to create a professional team that would excel in game tournaments. Teaming up with Oliveira was a huge achievement for Apex and getting along with the members was as smooth as ever, as they were all bound together by a common interest.

The group comprises different gaming eSports competitors and personalities. They have competed in games like Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Fortnite, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, and several Call of Duty games. Also, Faze Clan has massively grown its presence in eSports through its excellence at professional game tournaments.

Faze Apex on his part has played a lot of significant roles for the group. In 2014, He joined the rest of the clan at the Faze House to help reconcile a few communication and logistics problems experienced in previous years. From participating in professional tournaments, he teamed up with the founders of the group and became one of its co-owners; to help manage their YouTube presence. Faze Apex has recruited so many players for Faze Clan, further boosting the group’s prominence in eSports.

Apex’s own YouTube channel bananafone34 has amassed millions of followers in recent times. On his channel, he releases more of entertainment videos and has continued to draw more followers to himself.


Faze Apex’s Net Worth

Faze Apex has generated a lot of income with his online presence. As several reports would have it, the gamer counts in millions with regards to his financial status. Although he has not given his approval on this, his net worth has been estimated to be over $1 million. Apex has also gone further to manage his own clothing line and makes a lot of money from it.

Family – Brother, Sister

Although there is little information about his parents, it is common knowledge that his real name is Yousef Abdelfattah. Faze Apex has an elder brother who has appeared in some of his videos. As for a sister, we are not certain about that. The talented gamer has two nephews and calls them FaZe Baby and FaZe Baby 2.0. on social media.

Who is Faze Apex’s Girlfriend?

Information about the personal life of the Faze Clan member seems to be vague. This is because he often seems to be discreet about it. However, we cannot easily forget that the gamer was in a relationship with Adrianna Scaley. The two who had dated for quite a long time and reportedly broke up on cheating grounds on the part of Scaley. Since then, Faze Apex either makes jokes about a girlfriend in his videos or avoids talking about it.


Faze Apex is not the tallest in the clan and is not the shortest either. He has got the right physical attributes that suit his persona. He stands at a height of 5ft 11in which is proportional to his weight of 73kg (161 lb).

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