Who Is GreekGodx’s Girlfriend? His Age, Height, Real Name

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While there are regular gamers who are into competitive gaming, there are those who are basically playing and streaming games on different platforms including YouTube and Twitch. One person in the second category is GreekGodx who has grown into one of the most watched gamers on Twitch. Although he also uploads his contents on YouTube, he does not have that much of followership on the platform. Apart from getting to know his real name, find answers to other questions you have been asking about him below.

Age, Real Name, and Life History

While he is popular as GreekGodx, the real name of the gamer is Dimitri Raymondo Antonatos. He was born in England on October 6, 1992. His life is overshadowed by his person as a gamer and so there is nothing much that is known about his family, how he was brought up, or even his education.

In his videos, he has only made mention of his mother, leaving out everything about his father and siblings, so it is not known if he has any sibling.

There was a time when GreekGodx would remain in his room for months without talking to anyone. All he would do was to remain in there playing games and then come downstairs to get food. At the time, he would play League of Legends for as much as 10 hours a day, listen to the radio, and then he would cry because of loneliness.

Later, he discovered Twitch and then he began playing games and making contact with people there. The first time he did something funny, he found that people appreciated it and it made him happy. That was how he started taking Twitch serious although he didn’t want to stream.

He began Twitch in September 2010. By the start of 2019, he had already built his Twitch followership to close to 700 thousand followers. His main contents on the platform revolve around gaming but he also does other things such as reacting to the videos of other streamers and other In Real Life (IRL) contents that are now becoming very popular on the platform.

In 2011, he began his YouTube channel where he posts various contents from gaming to short comedy and other kinds of contents.

Although he has been regarded by some as a leech – a streamer who depends on streaming with others to remain relevant, he has still been able to build both his Twitch account and YouTube to a very good place. One of the main things that have helped his success is his style of streaming which is always entertaining.

Apart from Twitch and YouTube, Dimitri also enjoys good followership on other social media platforms. Even though he is not regular on Instagram where he only has a few posts, he still has more than 25 thousand followers. He has broader shoulders on Twitter where he has more than 169 thousand followers.

Who Is GreekGodx’s Girlfriend?

GreekGodx has not dated many women in the past. In fact, the only woman that he is known to have dated is Kitty, although it is not known when they met.

Kitty appeared in a number of his videos although the streamer has always tried to keep the face of his girlfriend out of his videos because he wants to keep her private.

In April 2018, GreekGodx announced on Twitter that he and Kitty had broken up. Although he said that he still loved her, the main reason behind their breaking was the long distance between them. More so, he stated in another video that she deserves someone better than him.


Height and Weight

Looking at him, it is easy for one to assume that Greek is a giant of a man most especially when he is seated. However, while he has a rather large build, he is not the tallest one around. He has a height that measures 5 feet 8 inches and a body weight of 349 pounds. After he weighed himself during a Twitch live stream in 2018 and recorded 369 pounds, various streamers and fans advised him on how he needed to shed some weight.

By the next six months, he brought down his weight to 342. According to him, he got to cut down his weight thanks to the keto diet and the encouragement of others. That was the first time in his life that he got to cut some weight as he was always adding. Because of this, he cried when he saw the measurements.

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