Who Is Kate Siegel? Her Bio, Husband, Family, Is She Deaf?

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Kate Siegel started out working with her husband in 2006 and gradually, their work gained worldwide acceptance. By 2007, she gained a reputation as one of the Hollywood actors who rouse vast interest in horror films across the globe for her incredibility both off screen and onscreen.

Today, there’s been a ton of notable gruesome films to Kate’s name and in all of them, her creativity has been evident. Some of the many screenwriting and acting projects which she did together with her husband Mike Flanagan include Oculus, Hush, Ouiji, Origin of Evil, Gerald Game and Haunting of Hill House.

Also on television, Kate has not underperformed. Her TV works include Ghost Whisperer, Castle, Mob City and a host of others.

Who Is Kate Siegel? Her Bio

Kate Siegel was born in Silver Spring, Maryland, to Paul Siegelbaum and Laura Siegelbaum. She was raised by her parents who supported her quest for acting. She began to materialize her fantasy of becoming an actress while studying at St. Andrew’s Episcopal School in Potomac. There, she performed on and off the stage. She joined Syracuse University and continued to act and in 2004, she graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Art and Acting.

Siegel recorded her first movie in The Black Dahlia, released in January 2007, but it didn’t push her through to popularity. The same year, she starred in a bilingual drama-thriller Hacia La Oscuridad (Toward Darkness), a movie that centered on the kidnapping of a Colombian banker’s son Jose while visiting his family for Christmas holiday. She did a few more movies before making her television series debut in the 2009 TV show Ghost Whisperer as Cheryl.

As a way of pushing the boundaries of her career, Kate Siegel drifted from horror films as she featured in a drama-thriller Wedding Day in 2009. But it felt like she has got a thing for horror films as she quickly made her way back to them in 2013 when she starred in Man Camp and Oculus.

Apart from acting, Kate Siegel has shown that her interest extends to screenwriting which she added to her portfolio in 2016, writing her first screenplay with her husband in a movie titled Hush. In that the same film, she played a memorable role as Maddie, a young deaf author who temporally lost the ability to hear or speak after a bout of bacterial meningitis at the age of thirteen.

Kate has also authored a book titled “Mothers Can You Not’’, published by Crown Archetype. The book was inspired by an Instagram account named “Crazy Jewish mom’’ where she posts hilarious text messages from her mom while she was still single at 26. She used this medium to display her mom’s concern about her getting married or getting a man ready to commit. Crazy Jewish Mom became widely known with over 800,000 followers after BuzzFeed blogged about the account. This motivated Kate Siegel to put the pieces of this work into a book, making her a multi-talented star.

Husband, Family

It is always commendable when a star who has been in the limelight for the major part of their lives to come out and speak up about who they really are. That is the case with Kate who at some point in her career, opened up to her fans about her sexuality in a big way. It was in an interview in 2008 that she courageously came out as bisexual. While many may have gotten a lot of things wrong with her sexual orientation, director Mike Flanagan was among the bunch that saw things differently. The talented director fell in love with Kate regardless and both seemed to have incredible chemistry. Their bond transcended to marriage on February 6, 2016. Together, they welcomed a son named Cody Paul Flanagan on November 26, 2016.

She discovered she was pregnant shortly after filming started on the Netflix original series, The Haunting of Hill House (2018). Serious pregnancy symptoms, including severe morning sickness towards the end of filming, didn’t stop her from killing her role.

Is Kate Siegel Deaf?

Fans are used to wondering if Kate is deaf. But no, she is not. If you’re one of those curious about her hearing ability, now you have been cleared. Kate doesn’t suffer from impaired hearing. She only acted as a deaf person in the film Hush and because she was very good and convincing in that challenging role, many thought it was real. The good news is she has a sound hearing.

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