Who Is Katherine Moennig, Who Is Her Wife and Where Is She Now?

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It is quite easy to describe Katherine Moennig as just another Hollywood actress but the truth remains that she is so much more than that. The TV star has featured in some of the most gender-bending films ever made. She has also pioneered lesbian representation in Hollywood and is one of the most visible LGBT ambassadors in the industry. From movies to TV series and theatrical productions, Moennig has no qualms about showing off her rainbow-colored life.

Katherine Moennig Biography

Katherine Sian Moennig was born on the 29th of December 1977 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She hails from a family of accomplished artists. Her mother, Mary Zahn, was a Broadway dancer while her father, William Moennig III was a violin maker, artist, painter, and sculptor. Moennig’s illustrious heritage also extends to her extended family. She is the first cousin of actors Jake and Gwyneth Paltrow. This, therefore, makes her the niece of veteran thespian Blythe Danner and accomplished operatic singer, Harry Danner.

Katherine Moennig grew up in Tony Rittenhouse Square, Philadelphia. For much of her childhood, she lacked firm ambitions and vacillated between becoming a violin maker, marine biologist, FBI agent, and doorman. All this confusion, however, cleared up when she realized that she would be much happier portraying these roles rather than living it out.

Having reached this conclusion, Moennig headed out to New York in 1995 on the completion of her high school diploma. She spent the next few years honing her skills at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts before being able to score minor gigs in commercials and music videos.

How Did She Become Famous?

Katherine Moennig made her professional debut in 2000 in the TV series, Young Americans. The show is a spin-off of the popular teen drama series, Dawson’s Creek which explored issues of morality, forbidden love, social class, and gender roles. In the series, Moennig played the role of Jake Pratt, a girl who disguises herself as a boy in order to gain the attention of her absentee mother. She appeared in about 8 episodes of the show, and even though the series was short-lived, it served as an effective launching pad for her career.

Since her breakthrough on Young Americans, Katherine Moennig has appeared in several movies, TV series, and theatrical productions. She, however, remains most famous for her work on the hit TV series, The L-Word, a show that revolves around the lives and loves of a group of fashionable lesbians and bisexuals in Los Angeles. In the series, the actress portrayed the character of Shane McCutcheon, a shaggy-haired, smoky-voiced hairdresser who is a notorious heart breaker and has reportedly bedded more than a thousand women.

The L-Word ran from 2004 to 2009 and Moennig appeared in about 70 episodes of the show.

Facts About Her Personal Life 

Katherine Moennig has led an interesting, albeit, drama-free love life. Prior to being cast on The L-Word, the actress had dated several guys including some fellow actors. Her work on the series, however, reshaped her and made her realize that she batted for the other team. She, therefore, switched gears and dated several ladies including popular TV actress, Evan Rachael Wood, in 2014.

Presently, The L-Word star is now happily married to musician Anna Rezende. Anna is a native of Sau Paulo, Brazil who was born on the 19th of March 1983. She serves as the keyboardist and guitarist for the Brazilian rock band, CSS which specialize in the new rave genre. The band has dropped not less than four albums, including Cansei De Ser Sexy, Donkey, La Liberacion and Planta. They have also toured several cities around the world, including in North America and Europe.

It is not exactly known how Katherine Moennig and Anna met but they tied the knot in the year 2017. They have since maintained a low profile and have rarely been spotted on the red carpet together. Moennig has, however, referenced her wife in several interviews. In one of them, she disclosed that she never really wanted to get married but later changed her mind as being with Anna felt like “home” and “safety”.

What Has Katherine Moennig Been up to Recently?

Katherine Moennig remains active in her Hollywood career. In recent times, she has appeared in productions such as My Dead Boyfriend (2016), Lane 1974 (2017), and Grownish (2019). The actress is also reprising her famous role of Shane on The L-Word reboot titled The L-Word: Generation Q, which debuted in 2019 and is set a decade later than the original show. This time around, Moennig’s character is insanely rich but still a heartbreaker.

The Philadelphia native has since revealed that she was quite apprehensive to reprise her character but was quite glad to do it since there had not been a lesbian ensemble show on TV since The L- Word went off the air.

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