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Other than acting, did you know that Katie Leclerc has special skills for things like boxing, martial arts, hiking, rock climbing, jet skiing, snowboarding, cooking and what have you? Well, she does!

In view of the frequently asked questions about the actress which ranges from things that can be associated with the basic facts of her biography to her being deaf in real life, her marital life and who her husband is, we compiled this piece to offer answers to the queries.

Biography – Who Is Katie Leclerc?

Born as the youngest child of her parent’s three children, the American actress who became super famous for being Daphne in ABC Family’s drama television series – Switched at Birth, was named Katie Lynn Leclerc after she was birthed on the 6th of November and in the year 1986.

Her documents have it that her place of birth was in San Antonio, Texas which was where she was initially raised before the family moved to Lakewood, Colorado, where she spent most of the days of her early life.

According to Katie, she discovered she had a thing for acting after she played a lead role in a production while in grade school. Although other activities like dancing and playing basketball equally caught her interest, her love for acting triumphed. Even when her family moved to San Diego, giving her the opportunity to try out new things, Katie wouldn’t let her dream of becoming an actress perish. She continued chasing after the passion and, it was only a matter of time before she started landing commercials with popular brands.

Her dream became a reality when she got the chance to appear as Crystal in Rob Thomas’ television series, Veronica Mars. Since then, Katie Leclerc has played a handful of roles in films and appeared on many television series. But, she still hopes for brighter days and the attainment of greater heights.

Is She Deaf In Real Life?

The American actress has given her fans and indeed, everyone who would come to know here reasons to ask the question headlined above.

It all started when she landed her breakthrough lead role in Switched at Birth. In the family drama created by Lizzy Weiss, Katie had to portray Daphne Paloma Vasquez; a teenager with hearing issues who was later diagnosed with a disorder of the inner ear (Ménière’s disease). Owing to her realistic depiction of Daphne, it was hard for viewers of the show to imagine that the dame isn’t deaf in real life.

If the speculations about Katie Leclerc being deaf in reality was heightened by her appearance as Emily in the popular Chuck Lorre and Bill Prady sitcom – The Big Bang Theory, it was virtually authenticated when it circulated that the actress and her boyfriend adopted a deaf dog.

Katie appeared in two episodes of the highly-acclaim sitcom as Rajesh Koothrappali’s () love interest; she played Raj’s deaf girlfriend. And, it was assumed that she went for the deaf dog because she could relate to the dog’s situation. But as it happened, she and her lover only got to know that the dog is hard of hearing when it wouldn’t respond to their calls.

Owing to the foregoing, many have concluded that the actress is deaf while many more are wondering if it is for real. Well, here’s what we know – Katie is not deaf, but she suffers from vertigo and the Ménière’s disease. She this sometime in 2014 when she asserted that the condition has been a huge blessing for her, pointing out that she probably wouldn’t have been able to portray Daphne if she didn’t have the hearing loss problem.

From what we have come to learn, Katie Leclerc’s older sister teaches the American Sign Language (ASL). Apparently, the Ménière’s disease is a family thing. Her sister and her dad suffer the condition as well, the actress even started learning ASL before she was diagnosed with the Ménière’s disease.

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Is She Married? – Katie Leclerc’s Husband 

It wasn’t a secret that Brian Habecost was once the love of Katie’s life. The actress dated the man who became famous for being her lover for many years before they ultimately committed themselves to being each others’ life partners.

As far as we can tell, it was sometime in November 2013 that it circulated that the Switched at Birth actress is engaged to her real estate salesman boyfriend, everyone was happy for her as the two were clearly crazy about each other and couldn’t wait to start a life together as man and wife.

Habecost took time to make his marriage proposal to Katie a memorable one for her. It is said that he decorated their home with balloons and flowers which was accompanied with a banner that read: “Katie, will you marry me?”. The actress was literally smitten when she walked into their home; she wept, Brian dropped on one knee, and the two got married on the 6th of September 2014.

But as fate would have it, the Katie-Brian marriage wouldn’t endure, not even for half a decade. It emerged in July 2017 that the actress has made a move to let go of her marriage, she filed for divorce from her husband. While those who loved the two together were hoping they would fix whatever issue they were having and work out their marriage, the divorce became a reality, the Katie-Brian union officially died in 2017. What happened to the profound affection the two had for each other? Hardly can anyone tell.

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