Who Is Megan Wallace Cunningham? Age, Height, Family, Bio

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Megan Wallace Cunningham is an American art dealer who became popular following her marriage to a famous American comedian, actor, author, director, and television personality. Unlike her husband, her career has not brought her much into the limelight, but following her marriage to the talented actor as his third wife, her name gets mentioned whenever that of the husband pops up.

However, a lot is still not known about Megan Wallace. Here, we will discuss the things we know about her background and other interesting facts we gathered about her.

Bio (Age) – Who Is Megan Wallace Cunningham?

Megan Wallace Cunningham is the current and third wife of Craig Ferguson. She is also a professional art dealer who was born in Vermont, the United States to John and Abigail Adams sometime in the year 1975. Her parents are natives of Vermont and as such, she is an American citizen of White-American ethnicity.

Some reports about her childhood life have it that her parents are wealthy and, that they owned a farm in Vermont where she was born. Thus, Megan could be said to have had a normal if not a pleasant childhood. She equally got properly educated up to the college level and did share a picture of her college graduation on her account.

As per what she studied and how she kicked off her career, Megan Wallace Cunningham, unlike her husband is a very private person and has not given much insight into that aspect of her life. Nevertheless, we know her to be an art dealer; a profession that revolves around understanding and evaluating artifacts.

Megan’s career probably kicked off well and was going on smoothly before her relationship and subsequent marriage with one of America’s finest television personality brought her to the attention of the public.

She has, nonetheless, been less revealing about what goes on in her personal life or how life was back in her younger days. While we wait for her to let us in on this aspect, we will serve you any new piece/s of information we learn about her in this regard.

Her Family – Husband and Kids

The fame Megan Wallace Cunningham has seen can be squarely tied to her union with television fan favorite – Craig Ferguson.

Cunningham became the third wife of Craig in the year 2008. The two had previously met in the year 2005 and started off as friends. What seemed to be a casual friendship soon grew into a romantic relationship between the two.

Nevertheless, this wasn’t Craig’s first shot at love and perhaps wasn’t Megan’s first either. Craig had previously been married twice with both marriages ending in divorces. He had a child – Milo Hamish Ferguson who was born in the year 2001 by Sascha Ferguson, his second wife (married 1998-2004). His first marriage was with Anne Hogarth, whom he lived with from 1983 through 1986 when they divorced.

Coming back to Megan Wallace Cunningham, her marriage to Craig Ferguson held at her parents’ farm in Chester, Vermont on 21st December 2008; it was a private ceremony which accommodated family members and a handful of friends who were invited to witness the celebration of love between the two. Craig would then announce the news of the marriage weeks later in 2009.

Come July 2010, the actor cum comedian took to social media to announce to his fans and the entire public that he and his wife were expecting their first child together. Then, precisely on the 31st of January 2011, baby Liam James Ferguson was born, making it Craig’s second child from 3 marriages and Megan’s first.

The union between the two is still very much healthy as they have been having a happy home with their son. Megan has equally assumed the role of a step-mother to Craig’s first child and is doing well in that regard.


Megan’s Height

Megan Wallace Cunningham does have a couple of some vital information missing from her profile. One of such is her height which has not been disclosed to the public. Nevertheless, it is pretty obvious that the art dealer is of average height. Megan has a brown hair color with blue eyes and generally spots a slim physique.

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