Who is Nina Skye and Why Was She Fired From Her Job?

Quick Facts

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Before she became famous, Nina Skye was just another teacher at a Christian kindergarten school until she decided to get a side job to earn more money. This extracurricular activity of hers didn’t affect her performance in the classroom; according to her, she loves teaching as much as she loves her other job, which, unfortunately, didn’t sit well with the school authorities.

When it came to light that Nina’s side job is in the adult film industry, the school where she worked as a teacher offered her some glittery options in order to convince her to leave her job as a porn star but she turned them down.

Early Life

The teacher and porn star was born in 1995, precisely on 7th December. Her birth took place in the city of Los Angeles, California, United States. There are no details available on the background of the former teacher including her parents and possible siblings, as well as the schools she attended. However, considering she worked as a teacher, it is assumed that Nina Sky got educated to a great extent.

Her earlier career venture saw her take up the job of a classroom teacher at a Christian institution (name withheld). According to Nina Skye, she is passionate about teaching and loved her job at the school. She also shared the same passion for sex and was excited to start her career in the adult film industry where she got paid a lot of money to have sex. So far, she has played naughty roles in films like Amateur Allure and Swallow Salon.

Why Was She Fired?

Seemingly, Nina Skye was very good at her job which leaves many people wondering why the school laid her off. Apparently, being a teacher during the day and a pornstar at night isn’t in line with the institution’s moral code. As a result, they offered an olive branch to Skye with the condition that she would give up her side job. The offer even came with a salary raise and housing aid but she walked away from it all, choosing to retain her adult film job. Thus, Nina Sky was given the boot from the school in 2017.

A raunchy pornstar, Skye has maintained that she is still a Christian and hopes to find a balance between her porn career and her religious views. She has made it known that she misses her students but having sex on screen is her dream job and she is not ready to throw away the opportunity.

Other Interesting Facts About Nina Skye

  • She Is Not Alone In Her Predicament

Resa Woodward is another teacher who was fired for taking part in adult movies. The difference between the two women is that Resa acted in the movies many years ago but they came back to haunt her and in February 2017, she lost her job at an all-girls Texas school.

  • What’s Nina Skye’s Net Worth?

It is not known how much she was earning as a teacher but when she started her porn career, Nina confessed she got to handle a lot of money which she had never touched before in her life. She got as much as $2,500 for each film appearance, leaving an overwhelmed Nina going back for more. Inasmuch as her pay per film is known, her net worth is still under review.

  • She Believes She Was A Good Teacher

While she can’t teach anymore, Nina Skye still believes in her abilities as a classroom teacher. She is convinced that she was good at the job and was never scolded for any mistake. She still identifies with her former profession on social media, calling herself a teacher-turned-porn-star.

  • She Flirted With Fathers At Her Former School

She once sent a message on Father’s Day to all the fathers she used to flirt with during her teachings days. In the message which she shared on Instagram with a raunchy video, Nina didn’t mention the name of the school.

  • She Plays With Both Sexes

Nina Sky has no restrictions in terms of sexuality. She engages in sex with both men and women as seen in her professional videos.

  • Body Features

The American porn actress has a height of 5 ft 8 in and weighs 56 kg. Her general body measurements are not given but she spots auburn hair.

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