Who is Robin Wright of Wonder Woman and House of Cards? Her Husband and Net Worth

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Robin Wright is an American actress well known all over the globe for her thrilling performances in movies like the Wonder Woman and on American hit television series owned by Netflix House of Cards as Claire Underwood. Her performances in the above movies led to several awards and nominations which includes a Golden Globe Award and a Satellite award for her outstanding work in television.

Robin is also a seven-time Primetime Emmy Award nominee for her starring role as Claire Underwood on the original Netflix series. She became only the first actress to win a Golden Globe for an online-only series in 2014 among many other firsts. Here’s a more detailed look into her person.

Who is Robin Wright of Wonder Woman and House of Cards?

Robin Wright was born on the 8th of April 1966 in Dallas, Texas but was raised in San Diego California. She was born to two loving parents, her mother Gayle Gaston who is a cosmetic sales director for Mary Kay cosmetics and Freddie Wright an employee of a pharmaceutical company. Robin went to school at the La Jolla High School before switching over to the Taft High School in the suburbs of Los Angeles, a small town called Woodland.

Being a naturally beautiful woman, she kicked off her career as a model at a very early age before she started acting. The exigencies of modeling at such age meant she began traveling from and to Paris and Japan while still in High School. She became quite popular in high school which was evident in her being elected homecoming queen, in addition to a hugely successful modeling career.

After graduation from High school, Robin Wright was encouraged by her modeling agent to go into acting which led to her landing a lead role on the Soap opera Santa Barbara. Without any formal training as an actress, it was quite a shock that she shot her scenes the same the day she received the script without a chance to rehearse. This feat earned Wright three Daytime Emmy nominations for her incredible work on the show which also drew the attention of director who took a chance on her and decided to audition her for a lead role in his new movie which was irreverent on the 1987 take on Robin Hood-style film called the Princess Bride.

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Her performance in the movie launched Wright into stardom and suddenly transformed the then 21-year-old actress into a bonafide actress. Although her role in the Princess Bride was a huge hit, she was determined not to let her blonde hair and good looks hinder or deter her from getting more complex acting roles. She was so determined to not become a one-dimensional actress that she turned down lucrative roles which portrayed passive female parts in Blockbusters like Jurassic Park and Batman Forever for much more darker and complex roles like State Grace, which was a film released in the early ’90s about Irish gangsters.

Net Worth

For such a talented and accomplished actress, Robin Wright has done well for herself in the entertainment industry. She has appeared in a handful of blockbusters that have been hugely rewarding financially. Her net worth from years of acting has been estimated at over $65 million.

Her Husband

Although Robin Wright had previously been married to Dave Witherspoon at the age of 21, the marriage didn’t last beyond 2 years before ending in divorce. She fell in love once more with on the set of the movie Forrest Gump which was a box office success.

The couple got married in 1996, which was the beginning of a rollercoaster and passionate marriage. They went on to have two children in addition to Dylan Penn from Sean’s previous marriage. For the most part of her marriage, Robin Wright decided not to work and dedicated most of her time to raising her children and living a very private life.

When she took the decision to return to acting, she worked side by side with her husband. The pair worked as star crossed but un-hinged lovers in the movie She’s so Lovely by Nick Cassavetes. But the blossoming love affair came to an end in 2007 when the pair filed for a divorce, and although they reconciled soon after, they later got separated in 2010. She married her third husband Ben Foster in France in August of 2018.

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