Who Is Shanna Riley? 6 Quick Facts About Roman Atwood’s Ex-wife

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What happens when the very reason you are popular decides to cut ties with you? We’ll tell you – it’s either you come up with another purpose that would keep you in the limelight and continue earning for yourself the admiration of the public which you have hitherto enjoyed or slowly crawl back deep into obscurity.

Who Is Shanna Riley?

The above sentiment has been the one surrounding the relationship between Shanna Riley and her former husband, .

As the Shanna-Roman union didn’t last long enough for people to learn the things they may have desired to know about Shanna Riley, this piece will be looking at the basic facts about the ex-wife of Roman Atwood. But before that, let’s give a concise account of Roman’s life since he’s the reason Shanna became a celebrated figure in the first place.

The American is known to many as a prankster, a YouTube personality, and a comedian. As a vlogger, he shares videos of his day to day life and pranks on people. Roman has been making prank video updates since 2010. As at the time of this report, his YouTube channels RomanAtwood and RomanAtwoodVlogs have together gathered over 25 million subscribers and are chasing 7 billion views.

Beyond his YouTube endeavours, Mr Atwood is also celebrated as an actor and producer. His most recent work in this regards was his 2017 Roman Atwood’s Day Dreams. The previous year (2016), he directed and produced the film Natural Born Pranksters. He also appeared on the tv series, Seven Bucks Digital Studios. 

The prankster was born as Roman Bernard Atwood on 28th May 1983. His place of birth was in Millersport, Ohio. Roman has either won or received a nomination for the Streamy Awards since 2014 and his passion for filming and producing videos have been traced back to his high school days. The man launched his product line – Smile More – in 2013.

6 Quick Facts About Roman Atwood’s Ex-wife

1. Age and Place of Birth

Roman Atwood’s ex-wife was born as Shanna Janette Riley. Albeit we can’t precisely state where her place of birth was, we can tell that it was somewhere in the Western U.S state, Utah.

She marks her birth anniversary every 21st February as she was birthed on that day way back in 1983.

2. She is Slightly Older Than Her Ex-husband

You may not have figured this out yet but from the information we have so far dished out, it is apparent that Shanna is several months older than her former husband. While they were both birthed in the same year (1983), Shanna arrived on the 21st day of February and Roman on 28th May.

3. Shanna Cheated on Roman with a Man Who Shitted on His Driveway

As the story goes, the beginning of the end of the Shanna-Roman marriage was Shanna’s cheating with a man who once pooped on Roman’s driveway. It that the man was a member of Roman’s production crew and their mutual friend.

The YouTube star filed for divorce as soon as he became aware of the infidelity. Eventually, the couple who officially became life partners when they were both 18-years-old (on November 17, 2001) abandoned their marriage sometime in 2008. It didn’t survive a decade.

4. She’s Mom to Roman’s First Son

Irrespective of the fact that there’s nothing left of the love between Shanna and Mr Atwood, they still have a strong bonding factor, the son they had together – Noah Vaughn Atwood. He was born on the 18th of October 2004 and now has two siblings, a brother named Kane Alexander Atwood and a sister – Cora Atwood. They were respectively birthed on 23rd October 2011 and 16 July 2017 by Brittney Smith, the lady Roman started dating following Shanna’s infidelity.

Shanna and Roman had a rough court fight over who’s to keep their child but were granted joint custody. She once got the court to stop Roman from featuring Noah in his videos. This lasted for only a while.


5. But He (Roman) Thinks She’s a Bitch

One would have thought that a man would have some regards for the woman who’s mother to his child, come what may. This is sadly not so. Roman has a deep repugnance for Shanna; such that made him tweet this – “Fun Fact: My ex-wife is a Bitch!”

6. Shanna Riley Has Nothing Going on Career-wise

Hardly can anyone tell what’s up with Shanna since her marriage collapsed. It is not known what her profession is and it is equally not known if she’s having a romantic affair with anyone. She is gradually headed for obscurity.

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