Who is Sunshine Kiki Brown? 6 Quick Facts You Need to Know

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The saying that behind every successful man is a great woman is not only true but holds true for the successful and renowned actor, Clayne Crawford who has his home front guarded and taken care of by no other person than his wife, Sunshine Kiki Brown. Her name may not ring a bell but she came into the spotlight through her position rather than her profession. The American actor once wrote in a social media post which he made on one of his wife’s birthdays that without her, they (her family) are all lost. Get to know about this special woman in the life of the famed actor.

Who Is Sunshine Kiki Brown

Very little is known about this beautiful woman’s past as she has chosen to focus on her present and more importantly, her future. However, she was born in a particular year that is not yet known on December 14 which is when she celebrates her birth anniversary. Her birthplace is in Huston, Texas, which is where she was also raised.

Her Career

While her husband is a famed actor, she has a business venture of her own. What, you may ask? Beyond being a wife and a great mother, she is a shoe designer in the United States. Not much is known about her career though but she seems to be carrying on just fine and rakes in earnings of her own, not totally dependant on her husband’s.

6 Quick Facts You Need to Know About Sunshine Kiki Brown

Who is her Husband? 

We have earlier mentioned who the hubby of this beauty is. It will, however, do no harm to reiterate the same fact. She is the off-screen wife of the character Martin Riggs of FOX action comedy-drama series, Lethal Weapon. He is Clayne Crawford and the duo has been married for fourteen years now – since 2004.

Clayne was born as Joseph ‘Joey’ Crawford on April 20, 1978, in Clay, Alabama. Down the lane in his adult life, in 2000, he decided to change his name professionally from Joey to Clayne in honor of an ancestor, Clan, and his town, Clay.

He portrayed the role of Teddy (Ted Talbot Jr.) on the critically acclaimed Sundance drama Rectify from 2103 to 2016. The series treated issues in social justice for which it received notice and also won a Peabody Award in 2014.


His other roles on television include Cade LaSalle, older brother to Christopher LaSalle on NCIS: New Orleans, Kevin Wades in 24, Mitchell “Mitch” Cafferty in the first season of Jericho. Other works he has to his credit include A Walk to Remember (2002), Swimfin (2002), A Love song for Bobby Long (2004), The Great Raid (2005), Trust (2005), The Perfect Host (2010), Baby (2010), Convergence (2015), Spectral (2016), The Weight (2017), Tinker (2017).

Sunshine is not the first woman her celebrity husband was linked to. Before her, he was romantically linked to another woman of the same genre, an actress, in the early 2000s. The two had it going fine for a while that they got engaged in 2002. But their relationship couldn’t be fostered to the next level as they broke up before they got married. That turned out for good because it afforded Clayne the opportunity to meet and get married to the sunshine of his life, the woman he is currently living with.

The couple seems to be going strong together as there is no news of any hitch in their ride or even a divorce rumor in sight.

She is a Proud Mother of Three Lovely Children

Prior to her marriage to Clayne, Sunshine was previously in a relationship with another man. Added to the fact that the name or identity of that man is not known, another thing that is unknown is what their relationship status was. Were they married? or just dating? Anyways, that’s by the way. Their union did, however, produce one daughter, Abby Brown, who is currently living in the household of Clayne.


She shares two sons, Joey and Colt Crawford with her husband, Clayne. She enjoys spending quality time with her children and shares beautiful pictures of their time together on her social media pages. The family of five lives on a farm in Birmingham, Alabama.

Sunshine Believes in Healthy Living

Sunshine Kiki Brown is a firm believer in healthy living and she shows that by her lifestyle her belief. Apart from exercising regularly, she follows healthy diets and by so doing has maintained her body quite well.

Her Body Measurements

She wields well-toned legs and thighs and a sculpted belly which she does not mind flaunting during vacations. Her 5 feet 6 inches high body is supported by her weight of 56 kg.

How Much is Her Net Worth?

Although her net worth is not known, her 6′ (1.83 m) celebrity husband has an estimated net worth of $4 million.

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