Who Is Titanic Sinclair? His Age, Real Name, Height, Bio, And Other Facts

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Titanic Sinclair is the brain behind Poppy’s short, strange, hypnotic little creations. He is a combination of creativity and talent with remarkable successes in the various areas he delves into. He is also allegedly endorsed by the iconic rapper, as one of the most creative people alive. The Poppy originator apart from making films and directing them is also a musician, performance and visual artist as well as a writer.

He was one-half of the indie-pop duo Mars Argo, along with Brittany Sheets, but is perhaps best known for his work with the singer and YouTube personality . With a new YouTube Red series and a growing creative dynamism, here’s everything you need to know about Titanic Sinclair.

Who is Titanic Sinclair? – Bio, Age, Real Name

Corey Michael Mixter is his real name. He was born on February 12, 1987, in Saginaw, Michigan to Richard “Ric” Mixter and Sheila Moloney Mixter. His siblings include an older sister Jamie Mixter Wren and younger brother Alexander Scott Mixter.

While very little is known about his background, it is known that he became professionally active in 2006. Titanic Sinclair probably started his journey to fame as a college student. During that time, he collaborated with his friends to make short comedy videos which they uploaded on websites such as DigitalFunTown, FirstHourMovies, and iFunny. Along the line, he met Brittany Sheets who is known by her pseudonym, Mars Argo in early 2008 on MySpace. She would become his partner and girlfriend before their eventual breakup in 2014.

The duo moved to Chicago shortly afterward at which point, he adopted the moniker, Titanic Sinclair. They created a YouTube channel named GROCERYBAG.TV and started recording and uploading short videos to it. Together, they created over 90 videos before things turned sour between them.

Following the end of Mars Agro chapter, he got another collaborator, Moriah Rose Pereira, known by her pseudonym Poppy, right on the heels of their breakup. Mixter and Pereira met at a party, became good friends and have worked together on a number of projects and songs. Together, they worked on the Poppy project and on their hit song, Lowlife (2016). Also, they have worked in over 100 videos that feature a consistent aesthetic.

Titanic Sinclair, besides his collaborations, has also embarked on solo projects. He launched his own music including two albums (Thick Jello & I Have Teeth) and three singles one of which is his hit song Trust Fund released in May 2015. Beyond his two foremost creations and musical ventures, he has also worked with the band Blame Candy and directed several music videos such as Washed Up Together by Knox Hamilton, 10,000 Emerald Pools and Electric Love by Børns, and My Leather, My Fur, My Nails by Stepdad.

Height and Other Facts

Poppy Project

Mixter may have probably come to the limelight during his collaboration with Sheets, nevertheless, his collaboration with the internet pop sensation and YouTube personality Poppy could perhaps be rated as the most successful so far.

After Pereira moved to Los Angeles in 2013 to pursue her musical career, she met the future director and creator of the Poppy Project, Titanic Sinclair in Hollywood. They bonded almost immediately over a shared interest in video-making and pop music. The duo teamed up to make a series of abstract promotional videos on a YouTube channel originally titled Moriah Poppy, then thatPoppyTV and now simply known as Poppy. One of their most popular videos is I’m Poppy where Poppy had to introduce herself in a childlike monotone repeatedly in a 10-minute video. It has been viewed over 14 million times since it was uploaded in January 2015.

Besides the YouTube videos, they have also worked on a number of projects together such as songwriting, creating albums, selling out a concert tour, and a YouTube Red tv series, written and directed by Mixter titled I’m Poppy. The series which chronicles Poppy’s life in Hollywood premiered on January 23 at the 2018 Sundance Film Festival.

The channel has become so popular that is has generated a cult-like following with a fandom known as Poppy Seeds leading to many assumptions that she is a cult leader; a fact she has denied emphatically. Furthermore, to contain their ever-growing fan base, the pair launched an interactive fan site in June 2018 named Poppy.Church.


After Mixter and Sheets met on MySace in 2008, they forged a relationship IRL. They went ahead to create the Mars Lango project in 2009 and garnered some internet fame with their vlog series titled Computer Show; a series that parodied American internet culture. However, in 2014, they had a rough breakup which also marked an end to their collaboration.

Following the end of Mars Agro, Poppy came into the picture. While there are many speculations that the duo might be dating behind closed doors which they have not lent credence to with any public outing together although Titanic posted a picture of them together on Instagram titled date Night, many others hold the opinion that their relationship is more of a brother-sister nature.


Mars Argo Lawsuit

Titanic’s former collaborator and partner, Sheets filed a lawsuit against him and Poppy on April 17, 2018, stating that she was severely abused both emotionally and psychologically during and after their romantic and professional relationship. She also alleged copyright infringement, stating that Poppy’s online persona, music, and aesthetics is based on hers.

In response to the claims, Poppy made a public statement on May 7 wherein she revealed her own story as a survivor of abuse and alleged that Mars Argo was attempting to manipulate her psychologically. Furthermore, she defended Sinclair as blameless and also noted that Sheets, out of bitterness and a desperate grab for fame, was only looking for a way to exploit her (Poppy) for personal gain.

Although Titanic Sinclair has not responded to the accusations, on June 12, 2018, he and Poppy added the “Poppy Suit” to their merch store for purchase in reference to the lawsuit.

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