Who is Winnie Harlow, What Happened To Her Face, Is It (Vitiligo) Curable

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The gorgeous Winnie Harlow has become of the trending names in the American modelling industry; all thanks to her resilience, courage, and determination. The model has become an inspiration and a source of hope to vitiligo patients who have lost their self-confidence and sense of belonging through the deplorable skin condition. Despite her condition, Winnie has undoubtedly shown what it means to live above your predicaments hence, seeing strength in her weaknesses. Subsequently, she has done well to establish herself as one of the most successful models in America. Learn more about Winnie below.

Who Is Winnie Harlow?

Winnie Harlow is a stunning Canadian supermodel who became famous through her appearance on the 21st edition of ’ America’s Next Top Model. The model is also notable for being a public spokesperson for those suffering from the skin condition called Vitiligo. In addition, Winnie is also an actress and has featured in television films as well as music videos including Guts Over Fear by feat. Sia and Lemonade by , among others.

The amazing model was born as Chantelle Brown-Young on the 27th day of July 1994. She was born to Canadian parents Windsor Young and his wife Lisa Brown. Winnie holds Canadian nationality and she is of Jamaican ethnic descent. She spent her childhood in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, where she grew up with her two sisters. When she was four years old, the young Winnie was diagnosed with a chronic skin condition known as vitiligo. This made her experience a rough childhood; she was often bullied and called names such as zebra and all sorts of disparaging names by fellow students. Winnie dropped out of high school as a result of the stigma, she equally had suicidal thoughts.

Fate smiled on the talented and gorgeous model when she was discovered by who is the host of famous America’s Next Top Model show. She was discovered through Instagram and later sent an invitation to appear on her show. Interestingly, she is the first Canadian to appear on the show since its inception. While on the show, Winnie was able to put up an astute performance; thus, reaching the final stage of the competition. Unfortunately, she was evicted in the second week of the finals. Following her resilience, Winnie competed in the comeback series and was returned to the competition before she eventually finished at the 6th overall position.

Modelling Career

Through the show, Winnie Harlow garnered lots of attention from top modelling brands across the world. Soon after the show ended, Winnie was hired by a Spanish clothing brand called Desigual. Joining the brand, she was made their official representative and model. Later on, she worked with the fashion brand Ashish during the 2015 London Fashion Week. Not just that, she has equally been associated with other notable brands including Diesel, Swarovski, and Sprite. Winnie has also appeared on top fashion magazines such as Glamour, Vogue Italia, Cosmopolitan, and Ebony magazine, among others.

Notably, Winnie Harlow is the first Canadian with Vitiligo to appear as a runway model on Victoria Secret. The star has been making waves in the American fashion and modelling industry, despite her condition.

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What Happened To Her Face, Is It (Vitiligo) Curable

Many people have been wondering about what happened to Winnie’s face. Well, the answer is not farfetched. Like we aforementioned, the charming model was diagnosed with Vitiligo as far back as when she was four years old. The deplorable skin condition usually comes with depigmentation of some parts of the skin as you can see in Winnie’s case. In some other cases, those suffering from this ailment have their skin hairs turn white especially the areas that are exposed to the sun. Both male and female are equally affected by vitiligo and it can be developed either before the patient turns 20 or 40 years old. Sadly, those with vitiligo are usually stigmatized and Winnie suffered serious depression as a child. She even had suicidal thoughts at some point.

There is no known cause to this long-term skin condition yet; perhaps, it is believed vitiligo develops due to genetic susceptibility and is often triggered by environmental factors some of which include pernicious anaemia and hyperthyroidism, among others. While the cause of the skin condition is not yet known; the cure has equally not been found. However, the use of sun cream and makeup have been recommended to those with light skin while steroid creams have been recommended to darken the white patches in dark-skinned patients. Counseling and emotional support will go a long way in helping them too.

Additionally, it might interest you to know that Winnie Harlow isn’t the first known celebrity to have suffered from vitiligo. Some of your favourite celebrities including Steve Martin, , Rasheed Wallace, , Jon Hamm, and Thomas Lennon are also victims of this deplorable skin condition. Notably, Winnie has been a spokesperson for those suffering from vitiligo. She was honoured with the role model award during the Portuguese GQ Men of the Year award ceremony held in 2015.

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