Wu Yongning – Biography, Family Facts and Cause of Death

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Wu Yongning was a Chinese rooftopper who was one of the famous youngsters in the Asian country who made a name daring the devil as he climbed and took pictures on skyscrapers and other high buildings. He got famous on various social media sites where he shared pictures of himself doing pretty much the impossible. Unfortunately, he died in 2017 at the age of 26 after he slipped and fell from a very high building.

Wu Yongning Biography

Often regarded as China’s first rooftopper, Wu Yongning was born in 1991 in Changsha, China. Originally, Wu was interested in becoming an actor and he appeared in a number of films as an extra. However, he decided to take advantage of his skills as a martial artist and expert planner to scale tall buildings, something he made money from.

He became famous in the 2010s for scaling skyscrapers and other high places without using any form of safety equipment. Like others in the business including Tom Ryaboi who has been the inspiration of many other rooftoppers, Kirill Oreshkin, and the Russian model Angela Nikolau, Wu always goes around with his camera, taking pictures and selfies as he continued scaling high buildings.

His Family

As regards his family, it is known that he had a mother who was not in very good health when he lost his life. Her name is Xiaofei He. More so, he was never married. Instead, he had a girlfriend whose name was simply given as Jinjin. The two were planning on settling down as man and wife.

He also had a step-uncle, Feng Shengliang who spoke for the family after the death of the famous Chinese rooftopper. There is no information that is given concerning his father or other members of his family.

Cause of Death

Known for posting videos or pictures on his social media platforms, the fans of Wu got worried when for days, he did not post anything even on sites like Kuaishou and Huoshan. Unfortunately, it was later revealed by his girlfriend and the Chinese authority that the young rooftopper had lost his life after a tragic accident. So how did it happen?

In November 2017, Yongning went on one of his daredevil adventures of climbing skyscrapers. On the said date, he decided to take a challenge of climbing Huayuan Hua Centre, which is one of the tallest buildings in Changsha, China. Standing at massive 190.8 m (626 feet), the building which is located in the capital of Hunan province is a 62-storey structure.

Wu Yongning fell from a height of 45 feet after performing some stunts and died as a result of fatal injuries he sustained from the fall. It is said that his body was found by a window cleaner.

According to his family, the challenge came with a prize of 100,000 yuan (US$15,000) which Wu decided to accept. He did not return home after he took the challenge and so his girlfriend who feared he might be in danger called the police to report that he was missing. It was after this that it was discovered he had fallen from the very tall building to his death.


Facts To Know About Wu Yongning

1. His Target: The target of Wu was to scale the tallest buildings in China, something that he had started achieving until the tragedy that befell him. He was not only one of the first rooftoppers in China, but he was also among the most famous.

2. He made money to support his family from his stunts: Wu Yongning made a significant amount of money from his different stunts as well as on social media which he used in supporting his family. In fact, the last challenge that he took was so that he would get the money to treat his ailing mother.

3. He was preparing to get married: From the money he hoped to make from the challenge that finally cost him his life, Wu was hoping to get married to his girlfriend whom he was planning to engage a day before he died.

4. Wu was popular on social media: In his dangerous career which was cut short, Wu Yongning recorded many adventures and shared close to 300 videos in which he captured himself scaling various tall buildings in the Asian country. He became famous for that on various social media platforms including Weibo.

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