Anna Romano – Bio, Age, Brother, Family, Facts About Ray Romano’s Wife

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When you see crack some of his best jokes, you can appreciate it the more when he talks about his home support system – his wife, Anna Romano. Initially, Anna’s only claim to fame and the limelight was her husband’s success as a multiple-award winning comedian and actor. However, she has since gone on to make her own reputation as an actress and television personality.

Anna has stuck by Ray for over three decades before he saw any kind of career success. She has been active as an actress and cinematographer since the early 2000s. She is known for projects such as Everybody Loves Raymond and Because She’s Worth It.

Anna Romano’s Bio, Age

The actress’s full name is Anna M. Scarpulla. Anna was born and raised in New York City, on February 24, 1963. It is not clear where Anna did her various stages of education and what she studied in the University. However, after her schooling days, the would-be-actress started her career in the financial industry. She was hired to work at Brooklyn’s Williamsburg Savings Bank to work as a bank teller. It is not known how long she worked at the savings bank.

Anna’s first television appearance came in 2001 when she appeared in her husband’s hit series Everybody Loves Raymond. Since then, she has been on a few more projects. She was on the short French drama film Quand s’approfondit l’hiver (2010) and also voiced the character known as Blizzle/Diana Gately in the Spanish version of the video game Yo-kai Watch 3. As a cinematographer, Anna Romano has worked on Because She’s Worth It, a 2012 short crime drama film. In 2015, the actress joined the crew of the TV series Class, where she worked as a cinematographer for one episode.

Family – Brother, Kids, Husband

While the identity of Anna Romano’s husband and kids is known, she has opted to keep the details of her parents, brothers, and sisters, if any, a secret.

Anna’s meeting with Ray Romano happened in 1982. At the time both she and Ray were employees of the Williamsburg Savings Bank. Ray asked her out, she said yes and later in the same year, they started dating. They were together for about five years before they decided to take it a step further. Anna Scarpulla officially became Anna Romano on October 11, 1987.

The couple has four children together – three sons and a daughter. They welcomed their first child, a daughter, Alexandra “Ally” Romano sometime in 1990. Next, Anna gave birth to twin boys, Matthew Romano and Gregory Romano in 1993. Five years later, on February 16, 1998, they welcomed their last child, Joseph Raymond Romano.

Anna, her husband, and her first three children are all involved in the entertainment industry, albeit in varying capacities. The entire family has appeared on Everybody Loves Raymond. Her daughter Alexandra appeared several times as the character Molly on the show while Anna Romano was on an episode of the sixth season as one of the moms in the background.

Her first three children, along with their father have all provided voicing on the Ice Age animation franchise. Alexandra was the voice of Meghan in Ice Age: Continental Drift in 2012. Her twin brothers, Matthew and Gregory were both on Ice Age; The Meltdown six years prior, in 2006. Matthew once accompanied his father when he appeared on the talk show Jimmy Kimmel Live!


Facts About Ray Romano’s Wife

  1. Anna was not the first lady that Ray had asked out at the bank. He had previously asked out two other of his colleagues and both women had turned him down. The actress was the first to take him up on his request.
  2. During an interview on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Ray spoke about how Anna is a huge part of his success because she is unfazed by his celebrity status and all that comes with it.
  3. Anna Romano was at a routine check-up in October 2009 when her doctor observed something unusual on her right breast. In February 2010, she was confirmed to have stage one breast cancer. A mammogram and biopsy revealed that the cancer was invasive. Fortunately, it was caught early and Anna had to go under the knife as well as go through radiation and harsh chemotherapy. She eventually beat cancer.
  4. Her experience inspired her to devote herself to creating awareness about the dangerous ailment while providing the necessary support to both patients and survivors. Ray also fully backs her philanthropic ventures and activism.

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