Yoon Jeonghan Biography And Everything You Need To Know

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Yoon Jeonghan is best known as a member of SEVENTEEN, a popular South Korean boy group formed by the South Korean-based record label, Pledis Entertainment in 2015.

He joined the thirteen-member group shortly after he graduated from high school and spent two years and two months honing his singing career and learning photography operations.

Unlike most of his peers in SEVENTEEN, Jeonghan never went for an audition before his admission into the vocal group. He was discovered at a shopping center and was invited to perform for Pledis Entertainment in order to become a member of the group.

Right from his childhood, Yoon had a knack for singing and showmanship. Today, he is happy his family supported his career which greatly helped in launching him into the limelight and making him the ‘king’ he is today.

Yoon Jeonghan Biography

The talented singer’s full name is Yoon Jeong Han. He was born to Korean parents on October 4, 1995, in Busan, formerly known as Pusan. You don’t need to be told he is a Korean by nationality, do you?

Yoon studied at Hyangnam high school, in Seoul, South Korea. Records have it that he graduated in 2014 as the third best student. It is difficult to tell if he furthered his education or not since there’s no information on the name of the higher institution he attended and where it is located.

More so, it could have been that he is yet to enter college since he joined SEVENTEEN shortly after his graduation from high school. As Jeonghan once said, he would like to study Psychology because it appears the course is interesting.

Facts To Know About The Singer 

1. Nicknames

Yoon Jeonghan nicknames are 1004, Eldest Maknae, and Angel. He got his nickname Angel from his birth date – October 4 or 10/04. In Korea, 1004 is pronounced Cheonsa, which means Angel.

2. His Love Life

Jeonghan, no doubt, is having a swell time in his career but the same cannot be said about his love life. The singer is currently single and searching for love. He once admitted that he goes for older girls because he likes to be pampered and treated like a baby. Although he has never been in any known relationship, his bandmates believe his future girlfriend will be the luckiest woman in the world because Yoon is an amazing and caring person.

3. Jeonghan is the ‘mother’ of SEVENTEEN

Members of the vocal group consider Yoon as their mother and the leader of the group, Choi Seung Cheol, popularly known as S.Coup as their father. The singer was crowned the mother of SEVENTEEN because he is very caring and keeps a long hair while S.Coup doesn’t.

4. He Loves Sleeping

Yoon Jeonghan is known to be the weakest member of his band. He loves sleeping so much that he considers it his biggest weakness. Whenever he feels sleepy at the studio, he usually sleeps for five minutes anywhere but mostly in the restroom.

5. His Hobbies

In addition to sleeping, the singer loves so many things. His favorite sports are badminton, soccer, and basketball. Yoon’s favorite meal is Korean soup, chicken, and stew. He dislikes sweet foods such as candy, chocolate, and their likes.

6. The singer loves long hair. As mentioned earlier, he keeps a long hair. He once disclosed that he loves girls that keep their hair long.

7. Jeonghan’s Chinese name is Zhenghan.

8. The singer hates using perfume.

9. His best season is Summer.

10. His best friend in SEVENTEEN is Joshua. They met during his training days with the band and ever since then, they’ve remained inseparable. Yoon and Joshua’s nickname is ShuJeon or ShuHan.

11. Besides singing, he is very good at bass guitar.

12. Jeonghan is also renowned for his fashion sense. His best color is red and black and his bandmates consider him a devoted follower of fashion.

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13. While many people think Yoon Jeonghan is quiet, the singer, on the contrary, said he’s not really quite but the opposite.

14. The Busan-born singer made his acting debut in 2015 with the music video Playback. He has also featured in the following shows – Like Seventeen, Wapop concert, and Seventeen TV, which was produced by Pledis Entertainment.

15. His sun sign is Libra.

16. The singer is 178 centimeters tall and weighs 62 kg.

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