10 Famous Redheads Who Are Stunningly Beautiful

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Redheads are a rare group of people that make up 2% of the world population. While in the minority of the population, they are also some of the most beautiful people to have existed. Sadly, though redheads have existed for several millenniums, they are reportedly going extinct. So this feels like the right time to appreciate famous redheads who are stunningly beautiful.

Before we fully in dive into our list of stunning redheads, there are certain things you should know about them. To start with, they have been determined to be more susceptible to cancer due to their skin’s sensitivity to ultraviolet light. However, they are also the only human beings who can create their own Vitamin D.

Furthermore, the chance of meeting one is more likely to happen in Northern and Western Europe, with Scotland considered the country with the highest concentration of redheads. Perhaps the concentration of redheads in Scottish society helped develop the stereotype of redheads possessing fiery tempers – a trait which is a cultural stereotype of many Celtic Nations.

At the end of the day, redheads deserve to be celebrated, especially because where you find them – in film, television, music and even academia, they are always so pleasing to look at. So, in service of this, here is our list of 10 famous redheads who are stunningly beautiful.

Famous Redheads Who Are Stunningly Beautiful

1. Emma Stone

seemed like the perfect name to start this list with, mostly because you can never go wrong with Emma Stone. Being one of the most famous redheads in the world, you’d be surprised to hear that she isn’t a natural redhead but a natural blonde. However, the American actress has had the hair color for so long and through her entire time in the spotlight that she is an honorary member of the redhead team.

This American actress’ husky voice and goofy personality add to an already unique physical look. She is currently one of the most successful actresses to ever live with an Academy Award, a string of commercially successful films, a BAFTA and a Golden Globe Award under her belt. If Redheads had their own nation, Emma Stone would be a worthy ambassador.

2. Isla Fisher

If there is a stereotype that is true about redheads, it is that they are never boring personalities. Isla Lang Fisher is one of the natural born redheads of Hollywood and one of the most stunning. She has made a name for herself starring in films like Now You See Me, Confessions of A Shopaholic, The Great Gatsby and Keeping Up with the Joneses. This redhead was born in the Middle Eastern country of Oman and to, as you’d probably guess, Scottish Parents.

Isla is charming, beautiful and incredibly talented; it is for this reason that she features on this list of famous redheads who are stunningly beautiful.

3. Amy Adams

is another of the world’s most celebrated actresses to make this list. The American but Italian born actress has an extensive filmography filled with remarkable films that easily tells you that she has the talent to match her looks. As a testament to her talent, Amy has been nominated for several awards including six British awards and five Academy Awards. She has, over the years, won two Golden Globes.

Amy Adams got her big break in the industry by playing a cheerful princess in the 2007 musical Enchanted. She has since gone on to appear in several critically acclaimed projects like Sharp Objects, Big Eyes, The Master, Arrival, The Fighter, American Hustle and Man Of Steel. Amy is an easy reminder of why redheads are some of the most beautiful people alive.

4. Sophie Turner

is easily one of the most famous redheads in the world presently and for good reason too. She is beautiful, talented and a lead character on one of the most popular shows of all time.

There are fewer characters in television who have gone from being one of the most hated to one of the most beloved like Sansa Stark, and while logic tells us to give the credit to the amazing writers of , we are going to say Sophie Turner, who plays the iconic character, is responsible for this one. She is most likely going to dominate the screen for years to come as a formidable actress, but right now she is fiery and ruthless Lady of Winterfell. Although she wasn’t born in Scotland – the redhead capital of the world, she is a British actress who was born in Northampton, England. We do not like to push stereotypes, but it is worth noting that Sophie plays Jean Grey in Dark Phoenix, a comic book character known for her fiery and destructive temper in the ‘Dark Phoenix’ storyline.

5. Julianne Moore – Famous Redheads Who Are Stunningly Beautiful

Who doesn’t love Julianne Moore? The down to earth actress has been one of the leading actresses in Hollywood for over 20 years. Her performance in Still Alice is guaranteed to still send shivers down your spine. She has also starred in cult films like The Big Lebowski and Magnolia. The award-winning actress has a full cabinet of awards which include an Oscar from five nominations and two Golden Globe awards.

Julianne is the second actress in film history to be named Best Actress at the three major film festivals – Cannes, Berlin, and Venice. When she dresses up and lets her red hair shine, very few middle-aged women can stand next to the American actress. If you are wondering if she’s Scottish, she is; half Scottish from her mother’s side. With her good looks and talent, of course, Julianne deserved a place on our list of famous redheads who are stunningly beautiful.

6. Rose Leslie

The moment she came on screen in Game of Thrones for the first time, everyone fell in love with her and it’s not hard to see why. is a Scottish actress who was raised in a castle at Lickleyhead Castle in Aberdeenshire. She is also a descendant of King Charles II. Rose is one of the most admired actresses in Hollywood and British film industry today, and not just because of her stunning looks, charming personality or royal blood but also because of her string of performances that have earned awards like the Scottish BAFTA and a Screen Actors Guild Award nomination.

7. Karen Gillan 

is undeniably one of the most beautiful redheads around. The Scottish actress is best known for playing one of the few serious characters in Guardians of the Galaxy and generally the Marvel Cinematic Universe. This is amusingly ironic because she’s naturally one of the goofiest people in the MCU as well. Outside GOTG, she has starred in Doctor Who and Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle. As far as redheads go, Karen is one of Scotland’s best gifts to mankind, and we say a big thank you.

8. Kate Rooney Mara

Kate Mara is a talented and beautiful American actress. Since making her film debut in 1999 in Random Hearts, she’s held a soft spot in ours. She has appeared in other films like Brokeback Mountain, Fantastic Four, and Transcendence, among others. The New York-raised actress comes from a family of football enthusiasts who have deep attachments to football. Both her mother and father’s lineage are owners of NFL teams – Pittsburgh Steelers and New York Giants.

Apart from her work on films, she also has a notable presence on Television. One of her most acclaimed roles is as Zoe Barnes in House of Cards. She also appeared in Pose, Moonbeam City, Entourage and American Horror Story: Murder House.

9. Jessica Chastain

There has to be something about redheads that has made them one of the most successful names in Hollywood. Although is not of the Scottish persuasion, she is a natural redhead who was born in Sacramento, California to American parents.

Though she has been active in the entertainment industry since 2004, she got her big break with her role in 2011’s The Help. Despite a fairly recent entry into the film industry, her filmography spots a lot of remarkable projects in Television and Film and she has for her talents, a Golden Globe Award and two Academy Award nominations. Those surely qualify her for a place on our list of famous redheads who are stunningly beautiful


10. Bryce Dallas Howard 

is perhaps one of the most famous natural redheads in Hollywood. Her father, Ron Howard, is also a redhead. Though Bryce is American, as well as her father, she has Scottish roots through her paternal lineage that have manifested a beautiful fiery red hair. The actress who has been acting since 1989 has notable roles in films like Spider-Man 3, Jurassic World and Terminator Salvation. There is no denying that she is as talented as she is stunning.

Though Redheads are reported to be facing extinction, Hollywood still has more than enough of them. Some other famous redheads who are stunningly beautiful include , , Alexandra Breckenridge, Rachelle Lefevre, Kate Walsh, , , Debra Messing and Holland Roden.

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