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3% was created and written by Pedro Aguilera and is set in the future in a land where a vast majority of the people live in abject poverty in a region known as the Inland, while fewer and successful members of the community live in a virtual paradise known as the Offshore. At the turn of every year, every 20-year-old is required to go through some very tasking tests termed “The Process”, which must be passed before those in the Inland can move to the Offshore, unfortunately, only 3% of those who go through this process make it. The show features another group called “The Cause” who are revolutionists on a mission to bring down The Process.

Who are the Cast and Characters of 3%?

Joao Miguel

Joao plays the role of Ezekiel – who is the leader of The Process. He is enigmatic, quick-tempered, intense and somewhat an extremist. He featured in seasons 1 and 2 of the show only; he did not make it to the 3rd season. In addition to acting, the Brazillian entertainer is also a film director and screenwriter.

Rodolfo Valente

Valente stars as Rafael Moreira, a desperate, egocentric, self-centered man. His consuming passion is to pass through The Process by all means possible. Though Valente has been acting for over a decade, his role in 3% is his best-known.

Vaneza Oliveira

She plays the role of Joana Coelho – an orphan who seems to be uninterested in going through The Process. She raised herself on the fringes of the society; she is very smart and can take care of herself effectively. The budding actress also had a role in Kairo.

Bianca Comparato

She features as Michele Santana, a dishonestly smart young lady who is always at loggerheads with bad people on the show. She was brought up by her elder brother, who she never saw again after he went through “The Process” in order to seek for greener pastures and a better life. She has been a lead character on the show right from its inception. Bianca Comparato, in addition to 3%, has starred in other critically acclaimed projects like Como Esquecer (2010).

Michel Gomes

Michel stars as Fernando Carvalho, a wheelchair-bound man, whose father raised under strict conditions to pass successfully through The Process. Many other candidates looked down on him because of his disability, which they thought would make him unfit to pass through the Process. He left the show in season 2. He is known for his works in City of God (2002) and Última Parada 174 (2008).

Rafael Lozano

Lozano plays the character of Marco Alvares who is from a family that is well known for passing The Process. He believes that his family is waiting for him in the Offshore. Some of his other works beyond 3% include Sessão de Terapia, The Great Mystical Circus, Pink Pact and 2019’s Marighella.

Viviane Porto

She features as Aline, an ambitious and young employee of The Council, who dreams of overthrowing Ezekiel to become the next leader of The Process. Porto, before becoming an actress, was a pro classical dancer, she has been featured in Garotas do ABC (2003) and A Casa das Sete Mulheres (2003).

Samuel de Assis

Samuels plays the role of Silas on the show, a member of the cause and a very kind inland doctor. Like other cast members of the 3%, Samuel has only starred in a handful of other shows, they include The Awakener (2018) and Aruanas (2019).

Cynthia Senek

She features as Gloria, a bosom friend of Fernando. She joined the cast in season 2. Cynthia Senek began her acting career in 2002 but has only featured in a few gigs, among them is Sete Vidas (2015).

Laila Garin

She plays the role of Marcela Alvares who became the head of security and later the new head of the process. Garin is a veteran Brazillian actress who began her career in 1996. She has won a plethora of awards, mostly for her roles in Elis, A Musical, and Gota D’Água [a seco] – O Musical.

Bruno Fagundes

He stars as Andre Santana, the very first murderer on Offshore and brother of Michele. Fagundes is a name that has been around in the Brazilian entertainment space for decades. He is active as a stage, film and TV actor.

Thais Lago

Plays the role of Elisa, Rafael’s girlfriend and a doctor in The Offshore. She is a relatively new actress who has appeared only in a couple of other gigs – I Wanna Have One Million Friends (2015) and O Novelo (2019).

Other main cast members who joined the show in season 3 are Fernando Rubro (Rubro), Amanda Magalhaes (Natalia) and Leo Belmonte (Arthur Moreira, the younger brother of Rafael).

Other Facts About the Netflix Television Series

New Season 4 renewal of 3%

The season 3 of 3% was released in June 2019 and like the seasons before it, it’s available for streaming online on Netflix. Fans of the show were ecstatic when an announcement was made in August 2019, that the show had been renewed for the 4th season, which will definitely be the last. The released date of the proposed season 4 has not been confirmed, but if we are to look back at the history of release dates of past seasons of the show, then a possible release date could be between September and December 2021.

The 3% Challenge Game

Following the success of the television show, an interactive voice-based challenge game was developed for Netflix by Doppio Games. The game features a prequel to the show that was written specifically for it by the writer of the television show, Pedro Aguilera. The game is available online for Amazon Alexa and has plans in the works to make it available for Google Assistant. Bianca Comparato from the original television show voiced the game.

Nominations and Awards

3% was nominated in the Television: Best Drama Series category of the Fenix Awards in 2017. By 2019, it won the Global Audience award of Rio2C.

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