5 Facts To Know About ‘The Walking Dead’ New Spinoff Series 

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On the 31st of October in 2010, the first episode of a show that is called The Walking Dead was released. This release opened up a new world to viewers and in a short while, the television show had its own cult following. The huge success it had given rise to the creation of spinoffs based on the original idea of the television show. The first of the spinoff was released in 2015 with the release of The Walking Dead new spinoff confirmed in

February 2019. By October, its first trailer was released. The Walking Dead, which is an adaptation of the comic of the same name, features the talents of an ensemble cast, most of who have been in the show from its first season and are still in till now that it is in its eleventh season.

There have been various speculations on how the human race will end and one of the more popular predictions is a Zombie apocalypse. The idea for this television show is built on this premise, where the story is set in a version of earth that a zombie apocalypse has taken place. The survivors look for ways to protect themselves from the “dead” and one of the ways they did this was to create communities. However, the communities are often at loggerheads, which means that the humans who have survived have to deal with conflict from the zombies and conflict from the other human beings.

5 Facts To Know About The Walking Dead New Spinoff Series

To Be Released In 2020

As earlier mentioned, the green light for this spinoff was lit in February 2019 when the investors of AMC’s network decided that they were willing to invest in a new spinoff. By July of the same year, production had already begun and this is why the network was able to release the first trailer of The Walking Dead new spinoff in the 2019 edition of Comic-Con that took place in New York. The trailer gave a peek as to what should be expected in the new spinoff and with the screening of the trailer came the announcement that the spinoff will start to air in 2020.

The Spinoff Does Not Have A Title Yet

The first spinoff from The Walking Dead, which is currently in its fifth season, was released in 2015 and it is called Fear the Walking Dead. However, even though it is a known fact that the upcoming spinoff is scheduled to be released in 2020, it does not have a title yet and as a result, some critics while speaking of its debut refer to it as an ‘expected debut’ or an ‘untitled debut’. This has however not stopped or hindered the show’s creation.

Same Temporal Setting

When news of a new spinoff got to the audience, there were speculations on what time-line the story will run. Some fans were more interested in a spin-off that leaned towards being historical while on the other end of the divide are fans who are more interested in a futuristic story. None of them are getting what they want as the timeline of The Walking Dead new spinoff is going to take place in the same timeline as The Walking Dead. But the way this story would differ from the major events that fans are already used to is in the geographical setting as this will feature characters that have lived in a different community but have had to deal with the walking dead in their own way.

Target Audience

The Walking Dead is mostly watched by people between the ages of 18 and 49 but The Walking Dead new spinoff is believed to be aimed at appealing to the tastes of mostly teenagers. This has posed as a concern from some critics who wonder if it will become the Dawson Creek of the franchise

Cross Over Episodes

Despite it being a second spinoff, The Walking Dead new spinoff is expected to have crossover episodes where the lives of characters from the main show and the spinoff will intersect at a point. The character Rick Grimes who was played by Andrew Lincoln made an exit from The Walking Dead in its ninth season, he was the leader of one of the human communities.


When the actor left the show, it was believed that the character moved to another community, the new community he moved to is believed to be the one that this spinoff has as its geographical setting. As a result of this, his expected return in the upcoming spinoff will be the biggest crossover event of the show.

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