5 Important Facts You Should Know About The Purge TV Show

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Have you ever wondered what a lawless world would look like? A time when it is legal to commit any crime you can think of and simply walk away from it without ever being questioned by the cops, talk more of being jailed for the crime? American screenwriter and film producer James DeMonaco has already given us a peek into what such an era will look like through the various installments of the film The Purge and The Purge TV show.

After the first installment of The Purge, 3 other films all set in the same dystopian era have been released, and they have all been a resounding success. The films are The Purge: Anarchy (2014), The Purge: Election Year (2016), The First Purge (2018), and The Purge 5 with a release date projected to be sometime in 2020. To add to all these, The Purge TV show began airing in 2018, following the same storyline. Just like the films before it, the TV show has not failed to impress its audience.

After a successful Season 1 (10 episodes) that ran from September 4, 2018, to November 6, 2018, USA Network renewed the rights to air the show’s second season much to the delight of its teeming fans. Here are the facts you should know about The Purge TV show.

5 Important Facts About The Purge TV Show

1. Storyline and Cast

The Purge TV show’s storyline revolves around a dystopian era in America ruled by a totalitarian government, with a certain night designated as Purge Night and made legal. It is a 12 hour period when all crimes no matter how damnable they seem to be are all permissible. The film brings to bear the events that happen in the lives of various characters who though seemingly unrelated, all have one primary goal that night, which is to survive.

The main casts in the series include a US marine named Miguel Guerrero played by Gabriel Chavarria. He returned on Purge Night in search of his sister Penelope Guerrero (Jessica Garza) who joined a death cult that pledged itself to be sacrificed. Other casts are Colin Woodell as Rick Betancourt, Hannah Emily Anderson as Jenna Betancourt, as Lila Stanton, Amanda Warren as Jane Barbour, Lee Tergesen as Joe Owens, as Michelle Moore, as Marcus Moore, Paola Núñez as Esme Carmona, as Ryan Grant, and Joel Allen as Ben.

2. What Will Season 2 of The Purge TV Show Be Like?

Season 2 of The Purge centers on the lives of 4 interconnected characters and how the Purge Night affects their lives till the next Purge. The thrill in season 2 is that aside the bloody Purge night, the season shed more light on what happens in the world and lives of its characters in the others days of the year. Thus, with this, we can be able to have a better understanding of the events that motivated them to seek revenge on Purge Night or try to stay safe as the case may be.

3. The Underlying Message in The Series

Though there are so much violence and killing in The Purge TV show, it draws attention to many problems bedeviling our society. Such problems include issues of racism, classism, and gun control. The show’s producer James DeMonaco hopes that the series would intensify the discussion about these issues in various quarters.

Explaining further, DeMonaco revealed that when he visited France, he observed that very few people owned guns. When he also visited Canada, it was rare to find guns in homes. These two countries sharply contrast what is obtainable in America where gun violence is high with 43% of American households owning at least a gun. DeMonaco said this helped him to make a project that will critique America’s obsession with guns.

4. The Purge TV Show Filming Location

The Purge was primarily filmed in New Orleans, United States of America. However, The Purge TV show doesn’t suggest it was filmed in one specific location. Rather, the scenes suggest the purge happened in every town in America. It is believed that this would enable viewers to relate to the story.

5. Inspiration Behind The Purge Characters

While growing up, James DeMonaco was obsessed with the leader, . Seeing the Charles lived to be characterized with, it inspired James’ creation of most of the violent characters in the film and TV show.

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