5 Interesting Things to Know About NBCs ‘Songland’ Musical TV Show

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Before the streaming era, songwriting was one of the most lucrative professions any talented artist could make a living from but thanks to technology and cultural shift, the song-making process is now more complicated and less transparent. However, with American songwriting competitions like the Songland musical TV show, a whole new side of the successful music industry is brought to the forefront. The audience of the newly premiered show could take a peek into all that is involved in the songwriting process.

Every week, the show gives artists and songwriters unprecedented name recognition as they record their favorite song and release it as a single. As it premiered on NBC in May 2019, the songwriting competition series took America by storm as it tries to elevate the traditional role of the songwriter in the process of music-making. Obviously, Songland musical TV show’s success calls for its renewal for the second season which is expected to premiere soon. Keeping that in mind, we will look at some interesting facts about the widely-viewed TV show.

5 Interesting things to Know About NBC’s Songland Musical TV Show

1. Ester Dean is one of the Show’s Songwriting Mentors

Best known for producing ‘s fifth studio album “Loud”, the American singer-songwriter Ester Dean is one of the three producer-hosts mentoring and producing the show’s best hits ever. The Oklahoma-born artist who left Homa for Atlanta, Georgia at the age of 20 after which she relocated to Los Angeles, has successfully been able to build a name for herself in the songwriting industry. Today, she is known for writing numerous top 10 hit songs for star artists like , Ciara, , , , and of course,, just to mention a few. Each episode of the Songland Musical TV show has Ester teaming up with the two other producer-hosts Ryan Tedder and Shane McAnally to create a hit song that would be performed by a guest artist. The three judges will be returning for the second season.

2. The Show’s First Season Ended With 11 Episodes

With the sole aim of reworking the less appreciated job of a songwriter, David A. Stewart’s Songland which was produced in corporation with four different companies first aired on May 28, 2019, with each episode featuring an artiste searching for their next big hit. The first episode had four songs out of which Tebby Burrows’ “We Need Love” emerged as the winner with Shane McAnally as its producer. Episode 2 of the show has “Be Nice” produced by Ester Dean as the winner. Other songs produced in the first season include “Better Luck Next Time”, “Greenlight”, “Hurt Me”, “Getting Started”, “Shadow”, “Young”, “Fighting For Us”, “Habits”, and “Somebody to Love”. However, some of the songs had their titles changed. For instance, “Fighting For Us” and “Habits” were retitled to “All I Want” and “Bad Habit”, respectfully.

3. The Winning Song “Young” is Featured in Jeep Commercial

Katelyn Tarver’s song “Young” not only had the Old Dominion blown away, but it also made a perfect match for Jeep’s commercial. The song, according to Olivier François, the Chief Marketing Officer of Jeep, talks about being young at heart and is, therefore, the best fit for what the automobile is all about. Traver who combines her musical career with acting currently released a new song titled “Sinking In” which is now out and trending on all available platforms. She also starred in the Jeep commercial.

4. One Republic’s Search for a New Song

Songland’s seasons one finale which aired on September 11, 2019, saw Ryan Tedder moving to the guest artist seat in search of his band group’s next single. Jason Evigan then replaced him as a judge/mentor and after a long and careful look at the songs written by four contestants, JT Roach’s original song “Somebody to Love” emerged the winner and, of course, One Republic’s new song. The song’s writer Roach is not only a full-time musician but he is also a basketball coach- a job he does during weekends to earn more income.

Meanwhile, One Republic isn’t the only musical group that benefited from the show’s songwriting competition, John Legend, and Will.I.Am did as well. While Legend chose the show’s first winning song from the first episode “We Need Love” written by Tebby Burrow, Will.I.Am opted to record the top three songs in the show’s second episode. According to him, “Boxes” by Josh Logan, “Invincible” by Charisma and, of course, Adam Friedman’s “Be Nice” will all be part of The Black Eyed Peas‘ next album while he encouraged Ray Goren to go ahead and record his song “Oh Lord” which could not make it to the top three. Will.I.Am himself promises to feature in the track.

5. Episode 6 Winning Song was Used in Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw

Kyle Williams’s winning song “Getting Started” which was produced by Ryan Tedder serves as the action flick’s anthem. The film Fast & Furious spin-off Hobbs & Shaw was released on August 2, 2019, and it hasas its lead character. Expectedly, the film became the seventh highest-grossing film for 2019 after grossing $763 million worldwide.

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