7 K-pop Groups We Think May Break Up by 2020 and Why We Think So

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Korean pop popularly known as K-pop is a unique genre of music found and practiced mostly in South Korea. Many music bands in South Korea have adopted the popular genre, owing to the large fan base it gathers. It is also known that since the inception of modern K-pop in the 1990s, South Korea has gone on to witness the rise and fall of several K-pop groups. Often times, the reasons are not so far-fetched as they could range from misunderstandings to just individual members simply wanting to try something new.

We give you seven K-pop groups we anticipate might break up by 2020. The reasons for our speculation will be highlighted as well. Keep reading!

7 K-pop Groups We Think May Break Up by 2020 and Why

1. After School

After School is a popular K-pop group with over 12 million copies of their records sold in South Korea only. The all-girl group was created by Pledis Entertainment in 2009 and they launched into the limelight in November 2009 following the release of their hit single ”Because of You”. The song was both a critical and commercial success as it went on to rank among the best selling singles of all time.

Sadly for many fans and followers of the widely acclaimed group, their journey together is likely to end in 2020. Our reason for making this assertion is based on the fact that since 2015, fans have not seen their favorite girl group do group promotions together. Instead, some of the group members have either gone solo with their music careers or ventured into acting and modeling.

2. Boys Republic

The 5-man K-pop group released their debut single on June 5, 2013. The group’s management made a public announcement on December 12, 2018, that the group will be going on a hiatus indefinitely.

We suspect that the reason for the hiatus may either be that members of the group might have refused to renew their contracts or some might have opted to go and try new ventures. It has been over a year since the Boys Republic released a single or performed in public. It is likely that our beloved K-pop boy band will be dissolved by next year.

3. ZE:A

The K-pop group was created in 2010 by Star Empire Entertainment. ZE:A released their first single as a group on January 7, 2010. Five years after, two members of the widely acclaimed group left to serve in the South Korean military. The other remaining seven members went solo and joined other companies.

Lots of rumors have been flying around, claiming that the group has been disbanded but Star Empire Entertainment has refuted all of those claims. The management indicated in 2017 that the group will make a comeback in the nearest future but that seems very unlikely now as it has been over two years since the statement was issued.

4. Girl’s Day

The South Korean girl group was formed by Dream T Entertainment in 2010. Barely two months after their formation, two out of the 5 original members went solo but were immediately replaced. Two years down the line, another member of this K-pop band signed out.

In 2015, Dream T Entertainment announced that the group will be going on a 21-month recess to allow members of the group to focus on their individual careers. Recent attempts at renewing the group members’ contracts have proved futile as they have refused to sign new contracts. This is why we believe that this K-pop group will definitely not see 2020.

5. 24K

This popular K-pop boy group was created by Choeun Entertainment in 2012. They embarked on a 2-year hiatus the following year but 24K made a comeback in 2015 with a new single and an addition of two new members.

However, this group is most likely to break up in 2020 due to the fact that about 5 key members of the group, including the group leader, have left. The management hopes to resuscitate the group by adding new members in the nearest future but let’s see how that turns out.

6. A. Cian

This popular K-pop group has not released any records since 2016. More so, it is known that the group has undergone many changes in its lineup. We strongly believe that the end is near for this South Korean musical group.

7. B.A.P

B.A.P has maintained a low profile for quite some time and it was made known that some key members of the group are beginning to leave to pursue their solo careers. Although the management has not come out to announce if they will be embarking on a hiatus or disbanding permanently, we know that the end of this K-pop group is near.

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