DPR LIVE Biography – Age, Height and Other Interesting Facts

DPR Live's Net Worth as of May 2024 is $28.5 Million

Quick Facts of DPR Live

Net Worth$28.5 Million
SalaryNot Known
Height5 ft 5 in
Date of Birth1 January, 1993

Korean pop idols both male and female, groups, and solo acts keep proving that they have more to offer beyond their pretty faces, what with their wide range of amazing vocals and dance steps.

But beyond that, K-pop is also gradually making its way to the top in the rap world, and not many artists embody both vocals and rap as creatively as DPR LIVE.

The Korean entertainment industry is certainly not what it was some years ago when K-pop and K-Drama started their gradual world takeover, their audience increases exponentially every day around the globe as opposed to the way things used to be when their audience was limited to Asian countries only.

So if you are not already familiar with the genre, you can start by reading all about DPR LIVE – who he is, how old he is, how tall he is, and other interesting facts below.

Did DPR Live speak English?

DPR Live is also called Jelly man and he can speak Korean as well as the English language very fluently.

Who is DPR LIVE and How Old is He?

As we mentioned earlier, He is a rapper and singer from Seoul, South Korea. Though better known by his stage name, which is DPR LIVE, he was given the name Da-bin when he was born into the Hong family on January 1, 1993. This makes his full name Hong Da-bin.

Source: YouTube

He is a part of a group called DPR, a unique group of creatives who make their music from start to finish without the need for outsourcing. The group is made up of four members, all of whom attach DPR to the front of their names.

LIVE is the rapper, vocalist, and public face of the group, DPR +IAN is the chief editor and creative director while Ian is in charge of directing the group’s music videos and he is often credited as +IAN (Christian Yu).

Although Yu speaks fluent Korean language, he is from Australia and is the founder of DPR.

The third member, DPR Cream, is the group’s producer, he is the brain behind most of the beats on LIVE’s Coming to You Live album, and like the rapper, Cream is also South Korean.

And the last but certainly not the least member. DPR REM (also known as Scott Kim) is an American who is the group’s production director and head of marketing and promotions. Kim also speaks the Korean language fluently.

Though the four members of DPR have been reported to be as close as family members, they do not consider themselves a mainstream K-pop boy band. DPR LIVE, who is the rapper, is still considered a solo act, and the group is the label under which he is signed.

While DPR LIVE has been actively involved with his Seoul-based music group since they came together in 2015, he did not officially make his debut until March 15, 2017, when he released his album, Coming to You Live, an album that charted on both Korean Music charts and the United States Billboard.

On December 7 of the same year, he released Her, his second extended play which includes the singles Jasmine, Martini Blue, and fan-favorite Text Me. He performed even better than its predecessor in terms of charts and album sales.

Before LIVE debuted in 2017, he made a collaborative freestyle titled Eung Freestyle featuring Korean-American rapper Flowsik, and fellow Korean rappers Owen Ovadoz, Sik-K, and Punchinello.

Source: The Daily Californian

The music video for the freestyle went viral on YouTube when it was released such that it was used for several YouTube Ads back then.

It also remains DPR’s most viewed music video to date with over 38 million YouTube viewers as of 2019. His most recent releases are the two singles Action ft Gray and Playlist, both released in 2018.

So to answer the question, DPR LIVE is an artist on the rise with a group of like-minded people backing him and a promising future ahead of him.

Did DPR Live serve in the Military?

It is mandatory to have military training in South Korea for all males from age 18 to 25. That means DPR Live has also served and trained in Military service.

What is the Net Worth of DPR Live?

DPR Live’s revenue was $21.8k in the year 2020 and as of 2022, his net worth is $28.5 million.

DPR’s Height and Other Interesting Facts About Him

1. At a height of 1.69m (5 feet 5 inches), the rapper-singer stands a few centimeters shorter than the average South Korean male in his age range.

Source: OC Weekly

2. He was born in South Korea but he spent his childhood in Guam before he returned to his home country, where he now lives.

3. DPR stands for Dream Perfect Regime.

4. He speaks both English and Korean languages fluently.

5. “Coming to you live”, the catchphrase he says in every DPR song is inspired by his stage name.

6. He used to be a member of the Korean Dance Group, NEWE$T CREW.

Who founded Dream Perfect Regime (DPR)?

The founder, director, and chief director of DPR is Christian Yu who belongs to Australia, Sydney. DPR is a k-pop group of artists.

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