7 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Block B and the Group Members

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Block B is a popular South Korean boy group formed in 2011 by Cho Joong-hoon – a South Korean rapper and record producer. The group made their official debut in that same year and it consisted of seven members – Taeli, Jaehyo, B-Bomb, U-kwon, Zico, P.O and Park Kyung.

Since its inception, the boy band is known for doing music in various genres like Kpop, hip hop, and R&B. Currently, Block B is signed under the Seven Seasons record label and they have recorded a lot of success which is evident by the many awards and nominations that they have received so far. Notable among the awards this Kpop group has won include Best Male Group award at the 2013 edition of the SBS MTV Best of The Best Awards.

However, in spite of the popularity and huge followership that the award-winning group have gained over the years, there are still quite a number of important things that many of their fans don’t know about them. Read on as we highlight seven important things about Block B you probably didn’t about before.

7 Things You Didn’t Know About Block B and the Group Members

1. Nationality of the Group members

All members of the award-winning band are of Korean descent. Save for Jaehyo and U-Kwon who are from Busan and Suwon province respectively, the rest of the group members are natives of Seoul.

2. The Age range of Block B members

All seven members of Block B are either in their mid-twenties or late twenties. The group members from the oldest to the youngest are as follows- Taeli who was born, September 24th, 1990, B-Bomb born December 14, 1990, Jaehyo’s birth date is December 23, 1990, while that of U-Kwon is April 9, 1992, Zico -September 14, 1992, Kyung – July 8, 1992, and P.O. February 2, 1993.

3. Label

Block B was first signed on to Stardom Entertainment, the same record label that formed them. Following the quashing of the group’s lawsuit against the record label by the District Court, the group members announced their departure from the company.
Block B in a public announcement made on August 29, 2013, declared that they have switched camp to Seven Seasons, a South Korean management company.

4. Military Enlistments

It is mandatory for all South Korean men between the ages of 18 and 28 to enlist in the military for a compulsory two years. Jaehyo became the first member of Block B to be enlisted in the South Korean military. Taeli followed suit on June 10, 2019, for his own compulsory military service. B-Bomb was the next to enlist as his own service began barely four months after Taeli embarked on his. So for those wondering about the whereabouts of their favorite celebrities, you have your answer!

5. Controversies

The popular R&B group has been at the center of many confrontations with many government agencies and civil societies. The issues behind these confrontations are quite controversial. Their woes started in April 2011 when the South Korean Commission of Youth Protection banned the group’s debut music video citing inappropriate content for minors.

Furthermore, two songs out of the Kpop group’s second album were banned by KBS and The Ministry of Gender Equality and Family for the same reason their debut music video was banned. Block B was also heavily lambasted by both the media and fellow celebrities in February 2012 for the inappropriate behavior they displayed during an interview they granted in Thailand, though they later apologized.

6. Lawsuits

Many fans may not be privy to this particular information but their favorite boy band has been involved in a lawsuit with their former management. Block B reportedly filed a suit against Stardom Entertainment on January 3, 2013, to demand the nullification of their exclusive contract.

The suit which was filed at the Seoul Central District Court also asked that the court order the record label to pay up all of the group’s outstanding monies owed them as stipulated in their contracts. The court, however, ruled in favor of  Block B’s management having properly examined all the pieces of evidence before it.

 7. Other Ventures

Your famous boy band doesn’t just concentrate on music only, they are also involved in other entertainment and corporate ventures. The award-winning band members were the stars of their own reality television show. The show, Five Minutes Before Chaos, premiered on April 10, 2014, on the Mnet network. They also appeared on MTV Match Up and MTV Match Up: Block B Returns.

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