7 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Jungkook (BTS Member)

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Jungkook is undeniably, one of the most popular K-pop stars out there. The idol is taking over everyone’s heart, one song at a time. Besides his vocals and dance steps which are impressive, is photogenic, handsome, beloved, and widely admired. The South Korean singer, songwriter and record producer is a member and vocalist of the South Korean boys band BTS.

It is easy to think you know everything about this K-pop sensation but here are seven things you probably didn’t know about Jungkook

7 Things You Probably Didn’t Know about Jungkook (BTS Member)

1. Jungkook Would Have Been a Badminton Player

The vocalist had wanted to pursue a career in Badminton but later changed his mind in high school. The change of mind came after seeing G-Dragon perform Heartbreaker on TV. The performance influenced him to change career path to becoming a singer instead. The South Korean songster now cites G-Dragon as his role model and musical influence.

2. He Has Spent Roughly A Quarter Of His Life As A BTS member

Jungkook debuted in showbiz as a member and vocalist of the South Korean boy band BTS in June 2013, when he was only 15, though he joined Big Hit Entertainment as a trainee two years prior, at 13.

Basically, that means he has been a singer for the most part of his life and a significant amount of his life has been spent in the entertainment industry. As a BTS member, he has spent approximately a quarter of his life in the group. Jungkook was born on 1st September 1997.

While with the group, Jungkook has released two solo singles, Euphoria and Begin. Moreover, he was credited as the main producer of two other BTS songs titled Magic Shop and Love Is Not Over.

3. He Is A Polyglot

He is a singer, songwriter, dancer, gamer, and record producer but he is also a multi-linguist. Jungkook speaks Korean, Japanese and English languages fluently.

4. This BTS Member Loves Pastries

We all have our guilty pleasures and Jungkook also has his too. He loves food prepared with flour. His favorites are bread and pizza. However, those are not the only things he eats; he also loves pork soup, rice, Sashimi (sliced raw fish) and Eel. Jungkook definitely understands the value of a balanced diet and reportedly, spends most of his money on food.

5. You Can’t Beat His Gaming Skills

The multi-talented maknae is a buzz creator and it is no longer news that anything the idol does causes a stir in the industry, his fandom, and on social media as well. Dubbed the king of Twitter, he uploaded a tweet of him playing Overwatch which has left professional players in awe and sheer admiration for him.

David Pei, the head coach of the LA Gladiators, an Overwatch league, had nothing but high praise for his gaming technique which he described as ‘insane’. The video has garnered over 4.54 million views. Meanwhile, his favorite sports is soccer and he is also good at Taekwando.

6. Jungkook Has A Knack For Tattoos

For his love for body arts, the Korean dancer wouldn’t mind becoming a tattoo artist one day. A quick look at his body would reveal some beautifully and skillfully done tattoos.

When you now settle down to observe him closely, you would discover more, intricately drawn tattoos, posited on some parts of his body, mostly his arms and hands including an ARMY tattoo on his fingers; ARMY is the name of the BTS fandom.


7. The Busan-Born Idol Has a Midas Touch

Jungkook has proven, time and again, that his influence runs far and wide by contributing to the success of many startup brands. Whatever product he ever uses or posts on his social media pages or even mentions in interviews becomes a major success.

In January 2019, Jungkook inadvertently made Downy, a fabric softener brand from Procter & Gamble sell out after he revealed that he used it for his laundry. Also, the company’s stock value rose by over 11% in a day, ultimately bringing about a Bighit and Downy collaboration.

He has replicated the “Jungkook power” with many other products including Merlot March wine, a book by Kim Soo-hyun – I Decided to Live as Me, and a Modern Hanbok outfit.

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