7 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Lovelyz

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We have seen bands with a higher number of members in past years but what is very unique about Lovelyz asides the fact that it comprises of 8 members is that all of its members are ladies? The ladies are so good together and it makes us wonder if South Korea might just be witnessing its own female version of the popular Irish pop group Westlife. Being their agency’s first girl-group Lovelyz group members never settled for less in terms of producing memorable and catchy hit songs each time they make a comeback in the music industry. Here, we will be sharing with you some very interesting facts you probably didn’t know about one of South Korea’s exciting and very promising band, Lovelyz.

7 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Lovelyz

1. Lovelyz was formed by their record label

Lovelyz is signed under Woollim Entertainment and it was the company that brought the band members together. Every member of the band trained for some period of time under Woollim before they were officially signed in. Woollim created the band in 2014 and the band is only the first all-girl band working under the company. The company has its headquarters in Seongsan-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul, South Korea and has groups such as Infinite, Golden Child, Rocket Punch, and Lovelyz signed to it, as well as a bunch of other solo artists.

2. Who are the Lovelyz band members?

The band consists of 8 Korean ladies, Kei, Baby Soul, Yein, Jiae, Mijoo, Jisoo, Sujeong, and Jin. Kei is the most popular of the band members, she is known to have starred as an actress in popular Korean films and is the only member of the band who has a Wikipedia recognition. All 8 members of the band were born in the 1990s and are still in their 20s. The eldest of the group is Baby Soul who was born on July 6, 1992, and the youngest is Yein, born on June 4, 1998. Asides from being the oldest, Baby Soul is the shortest in the band when their heights are compared. She stands at 5’2” tall while the tallest member of Lovelyz is Sujeong who stands at a height of 5’6.1” tall.

3. Discography

Since their emergence in 2014, the band has dropped 2 studio albums, 2 live albums, 1 compilation album, 14 music videos, 6 extended plays, 12 singles, 2 reissues, and 1 single album. When the band made their debut in 2014, they did so by releasing their debut studio album titled Girls Invasion. The album was released on November 17, 2014, and peaked 7th spot on the Korean Billboard.

4. They have starred in several TV shows

Together, the band members have starred in 5 reality TV shows. Their first together was in 2016 when they starred in SBS MTV’s Lovelyz in Wonderland. In the following year, the girls made another reality TV appearance starring LovelyzLove Canada which aired on Sky Travel. Still, in 2017, they were featured on Never V Live’s Lovelyz in Parallel Universe. In 2018, the band members starred in The Man Who Feeds The Dog 2. Their most recent TV show appearance was in Queendom which aired on Mnet in 2019.

5. Lovelyz’s social media accounts

The band has its highest social media followers on VLive, where they boast of over 620k followers. On their Instagram account, Lovelyz is followed by 364k people. On Twitter, they have a mass following of over 298k. On the Lovelyz YouTube channel, they post official videos of their songs, concerts and other performances. The channel has 137k subscribers and its contents have been viewed for over 11.4 million times.

 6. They are anti-smoking ambassadors 

Lovelyz group members were in 2016 appointed the anti-smoking ambassadors for the South Korean military. Their appointment was made by the Ministry of National Defense in August 2016. The group members will not only feature on the military calendar for the following year but they will also host talk shows to spread the anti-tobacco abuse messages on a military TV channel.

7. The Lovelyz Favourites

The girls somewhat share very similar things they enjoy doing. Baby soul loves cooking the most, so do Kei. Jiae is more of a movie lover just like Mijoo and Jisoo as well. Jin and Yein’s favorite thing is listening to music while Sujeong prefers playing her guitar.

Baby Soul’s favorite meal is Sashimi. Jiae loves everything dessert most especially strawberries and Ice cream. Mijoo and Kei both share love for all kinds of meat. Jisoo loves eating pork ribs, jokbal and prefers chocolate for dessert. Jin is more of a home-cooked food kind of girl, what she enjoys most is her mother’s seaweed soup and her father’s galbijjim. Yein is a straight lover of chicken feet and cartilage. Sujeong also loves chicken feet and it goes along with nachos and cheese.

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