Agents of SHIELD Season 6 – Release Date, Cast and Trailer

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Back in 2018, ABC announced it was going to renew season 6 of the popular Marvel show Agents of SHIELD, and fans will tell you that it is long overdue. What is even more, is that apart from the announcement of the sixth series in the franchise, ABC has gone ahead after renewing the sixth season to also renew the seventh as well. Even though nothing official has been heard about the seventh season of the franchise or if it may just be the final season, there are already speculations that it may as well be. Now, before we get too much ahead of ourselves, there is a lot to know about the sixth season.

Background Story of Agents of SHIELD Season 6 

Before delving into what to expect in Agents of SHIELD season 6, let’s take a look back for the sake of those who are new to the show. When the show began in 2013, it came as a spin-off of Marvel’s The Avengers. It centered on agent Phil Coulson (Clark Gregg), who brought together a team of agents from SHIELD (a clandestine organization in the MCU) who will look into major events and people all over the world who they would investigate.

What this means is that each of the seasons came with a different problem to solve or a different case that needed to be investigated. However, it maintains the same universe as  The Avengers and the Marvel Cinematic Universe at large.

The first season ran from September 2013 to May 2014, followed by the second to the fourth season which also maintained the timeline. The fifth came in December 2017 instead of September.

In Agents of SHIELD Season 6, the assignment is to save the world and humanity after the death of the director of the agency, Phil Coulson. The new director Alphonso MacKenzie has to rebuild his team on time and get his men ready as they try to wade off the forces that are coming to give humanity a chance of surviving.

When is the Film’s Release Date?

Since Agents of SHIELD began airing in 2013, the release date has always been in September, as already pointed out. The first four seasons were released a year after each other, still maintaining the September airing date and then continuing until May the following year when the last episodes were aired. There was, however, a slight change in the release of the fifth season which came in December of 2017 rather than September, although it was also only a year after the fourth season and then like all others, it ended in May 2018.

Naturally, what fans expected was for the sixth season in the franchise to start airing either in September or December 2018, but to their utmost dismay, it did not. And the wait seemed almost like forever.

The good news now is that a release date for Agents of SHIELD Season 6 has been officially set for May 10, 2018. Instead of the normal 22 episodes as it is with all the previous seasons, this will only come with 13 episodes, the same as the seventh season which is still yet to be announced. However, the guess is that it will also maintain the same timeline of release with season 6.

Since it is only 13 episodes, we will not expect the show to stretch too far as the previous ones that have up to 22 episodes. Hence, it should be expected to be rounded up soon and then we can start talking again about the next season and whether any will come after it.

The filming of Agents of SHIELD Season 6 began in July 2018 and by December of the same year, it was all concluded. Contrary to what many believe that it was because of Marvel’s other works that the release date was rescheduled, it was the idea of ABC.

For now, no date has been given on when it will be released on Netflix but if the previous seasons are anything to go by, then it should be on Netflix by June 2019.

Agents of SHIELD Season 6 Cast Members

Let’s make it official, most of your favorite cast members would still return in the sixth season of the franchise. One thing, however, to have your mindset on is not to be seeing much of Coulson as he already died at the end of season five.

Those who will make up the cast members of the Agents of SHIELD Season 6 are Clark Gregg who will mainly take the role of Sarge and also make appearances as Phil Coulson; Ming-Na Wen who takes the role of Melinda May, and Chloe Bennet as Daisy Johnson / Quake. More so, there are also stars like Iain De Caestecker as Leo Fitz, Henry Simmons as Alphonso MacKenzie, Elizabeth Henstridge as Jemma Simmons, Natalia Cordova-Buckley as Elena Rodriguez (Yo-Yo), and then Jeff Ward as Deke Shaw.

Some will get recurring roles in the series such as Maximilian Osinski who plays the role of Davies, Piper who is portrayed by Briana Venskus, and Barry Shabaka Henley who portrays Marcus Benson. There is also Christopher James Baker who takes the role of Malachi, as well as Karolina Wydra who takes the role of Izel.

Of the new members joining the cast, Izel has been described as a mercenary who comes from a different galaxy altogether and joins the S.H.I.E.L.D. team to survive the threats faced by space. On his part, Barry Shabaka Henley plays the role of a scientist who is hired into the team as someone who is very experienced in natural sciences. Malachi is the one not so much is known of except that he is an assassin who comes from another planet.

What is in the Trailer?

The Agents of SHIELD Season 6 trailer is undoubtedly everything that most of us have anticipated if not more. It starts with someone who looks just like Phil Coulson encountering the team, but he comes with death and destruction on his mind.

Next, the S.H.I.E.L.D. team is still mourning the death of Coulson. We also get to meet the new director of the team Alphonso Mackenzie (Mack) who is ready to continue with the mission of the organization in saving lives.

The alarm has gone off that an object which has not been identified had entered the earth and the battle-ready team goes to find out that it is Phil Coulson. Or maybe not. It is his doppelgänger who is nothing like the late director that we have all loved. Instead, this man – Sarge, also played by Clark Gregg has come with the announcement of “the death of everything.”

With the appearance of Sarge in Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD season 6, it is safe to believe we have found a direction where the show is going because the villain has promised he is not going to take a break or stop until the human planet is eliminated.

Latest News on Agents of SHIELD Series

As it is with all the favorite series we have all come to know and love, there are always many rumors that never stop dying and that is not different from Agents of SHIELD Season 6. Here are some of the rumors that the mills keep grounding as well as some of the latest news:

1. Cancellation of the show:

One of the biggest questions that people keep asking is whether the show will be canceled. This concern did not start today as it stretches back to even the fourth season of the Marvel series. The concern will not go away even as we have come this far.

As we have already stated, the news available is that the show will not end. Or at least for now since we know that the sixth season is already by the corner and then there will be a season seven as ABC has already renewed the Marvel show for a seventh season. It gets interesting to know that its renewal came shortly after the sixth season was picked, which means the network didn’t even wait for the premiere of the show.

The rumor at the moment is that the seventh season may come with fewer episodes compared to the previous seasons including season 6. With that, the speculations are up again that it may as well be the last in the franchise. We just have to wait and see.

2. Will it be based on events in Avengers: Endgame?

With Avengers: Endgame taking place five years into the future, the initial rumor was that the season six of S.H.I.E.L.D. would take place after a large part of the population of the universe has turned into dust. The idea according to the Head of Marvel Television, Jeph Loeb, is not to do anything that would go a different way from the movies. Well, at the very least, that was the initial plan.

It was later revealed that Agents of SHIELD season 6 will take place one year after the events of the last season which is also one year after Avengers: Infinity War, and will probably veer off from the path set by the movies due to the everchanging plotlines becoming difficult to keep up with. However, since the show takes place several years before the events of Avengers: Endgame, the storylines will not interfere or contradict each other. What’s more, no character in Agents of SHIELD is reportedly affected by the ‘Thanos Snap’ from Avengers: Infinity War serving as further proof that they are veering away from the precedent set by the previous seasons which relied heavily on the timelines of the MCU films.

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