Alexa Demie – 7 Interesting Things to Know About the Breakout Star

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Alexa Demie is an actress with promising prospects whose role in the Euphoria film series announced her as a talent to look out for. Besides acting, however, Demie wears several other hats as a singer and a fashion designer with her very own line of products. Alexa Demie’s role in Euphoria was timely but her excellent portrayal of Maddy Perez who suffered physical and mental abuse is significant to the scenarios in today’s society and had fans loving her all the more.

The Euphoria breakout star was born on December 11, 1994, at water Village in California but as is typical of the most recent crop of stars, she hasn’t revealed much about her parents. It is known that she has Mexican-American origins, but it is not known which of her parents is Mexican and which is American. Alexa’s passion for art manifested at age 12 when she showed skills in writing songs and poems. Before her career kicked off, she attended a local high school and only started the pursuit of her career after her high school graduation.

7 Interesting Things to Know About Alexa Demie

1. Alexa Demie Is a Native of Los Angeles

Alexa Demie’s birthplace is Los Angeles which is where she was equally brought up. She has not disclosed the identity of her parents, but she revealed she didn’t have an easy life growing up. Being an introvert during her years of high school, Demie said she had a difficult time relating to people and as such, she didn’t have friends.

This description of her younger self is something many find hard to picture considering that the role she played in the Euphoria series is the exact opposite. She compares her abused character Maddy to her own life story, stating that she didn’t have a favorable family condition.

2. The Young Star is a Designer with Her Own Line of Products

From Demie’s childhood days, she has been a very creative person, fortunately, she has been able to turn her creative skills into a lucrative venture. She started her own collection of sunglasses right from her high school days and made a fortune from it. Her sunglasses have been spotted on a number of celebrities and stars like Nicki Minaj, Jennifer Lopez, Amber Rose and more. Her glasses have also been featured in magazines, and seem to be doing well in the market. The budding star initially planned to go to fashion school to better get equipped but she eventually tilted towards music and acting.

3. She is a Songwriter and Singer

Besides her designer sunglasses, Alexa Demie also sings and writes songs; she had been doing this since her teenage years but had the opportunity to take that passion steps further with the fame she has garnered. The first of her songs to be released was “Girl Like Me” in 2016. After her first release which was met with mild success, she was encouraged to do more. To better achieve this, she resolved to let go of acting and focus on music. However, she landed a role in Euphoria which gave her all the prominence she wanted.

4. Movie Debut

The actress didn’t kick off with big roles. At the start of her career, she took a good number of minor roles in short films and although she is best known for her role in Euphoria now, she had been involved in another successful movie earlier. In 2018, the budding actress starred in Mid90s; a high school movie that was critically successful. Her minor role as Estee especially had her act some awkward hookup scenes.


5. Euphoria Series

Alexa Demie had minor setbacks as an actress especially because she wasn’t getting scripts for the kind of roles she wanted to play. After many failed attempts at landing a role in the film Never Goin Back (2018), she decided to give acting a break and rather focus on her other passions which at the time was music. Even though she wanted to focus on music, she kept looking out for worthy roles in filmS and fortunately a year later, she landed HBO’s Euphoria which was the big break she needed.

6. She Missed Euphoria’s Premier

After having done excellent work on her role in Euphoria, Alexa Demie like any typical newbie was skeptical about public opinion. To avoid the pressure, she took off for Tulum Mexico and was away from the U.S when Euphoria was premiered. This particular trip was phone free because she didn’t want to know the reactions to the film. She went the extra mile and requested a hotel room without a TV but eventually took a peep at the opinions on Twitter.

7. Demie is Lately into Movie Productions

Alexa Demie is on the verge of producing her debut feature film. This particular project is close to her heart because it would be based on the life story of her mother. The storyline involves a makeup artist’s relocation from Mexico to Los Angeles and the many trials that followed.

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