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Ever heard that those who love cars know that they are much more than just metals? Don’t you think so? Well, ask Allysa Rose. She would be willing to make you see why the sentiment is legit. Rose seems to know how to bring about a total transformation of cars that seem to have hit the rock. This ability came from a desire to help people create their dream cars when they can’t find them anywhere in the market.

She is an American reality tv star who stars in the series, Graveyard Carz where she gives a chance at life to vintage cars by revamping their engines.

Allysa Rose Age and Early Life

The car enthusiast was born in 1991 and that seemed to be the only known detail about her birth date. Allysa is the daughter of Mark Worman, the car fanatic behind the creation of the TV series. Have you figured out the connection between them? Mark is a lover of motors since his childhood and always had this curiosity to know more about automobiles. With the interest in automobiles, he read many magazines that wrote about cars and eventually created the series Graveyard Carz in 2012 on the Velocity network.

Just like her father, Allysa started reading automobile magazine from an early age and grew up around the Mopar and some other great cars in her family. Her interest in motors was one that developed when she was only 10 and also one that she started building on.

With her interest in automobiles budding, her father gave her toys like Gokart and Dirt bikes which she played around with. And then she started working in her dad’s garage where she gives beautiful new life to formerly dead cars. You know the interesting part of the work she does? She loves to get her hands dirty not by working on seemingly small tasks like screws or paints but on rather the intricate part, the engines, and other interiors.

Cars are not her only specialties. Besides the time she spends in the garage, she finds the time to dance. Allysa is trained in classical ballet, tap, hip-hop, jazz, and ballroom dancing. That’s quite a handful. She started dancing when she was 7; yeah, before she got interested in motors. It wouldn’t be wrong to note then, that her first love was dancing.

Allysa danced until she was 17 and never confined herself to any particular style having also learned contemporary, hula, and even krumping. Her father also pulls some funny scenes by coming up with some dance moves on the show though he is not much of a good dancer himself.

Her Graveyard Carz Career

Ladies hardly are interested in cars other than to drive in them. However, to find one who is not only interested in these mobile boxes but also gives new life to otherwise old ones is sure a great talent to behold.

It is well said that when you take care of your car, your car will take care of you. Allysa and her father do that well. She started featuring on the Graveyard Carz since it first aired on Velocity network in 2012.

Allysa finds rarest cars from the 60’s and early 70’s and helps to rejuvenate them. She revamps the cars and brings them back to life. As the head researcher, she collects background information that relates to these cars as well as record their stories, whatever it may be. Interestingly, she is also the only woman among the casts of the show. She drives 2014 dodge charger.

Allysa Rose’s Married Life, Husband and Divorce

The beautiful car specialist got married to an Australian footballer Josh Rose. Josh became a regular cast on the show from 2011 till 2014 when he suddenly stopped appearing. They have two beautiful daughters, Emma, and Brooklyn. Allysa loves spending time and going on vacation with her two tots. According to her, they are her world.

Rumors started spreading after Josh stopped appearing on the show in 2014. More fuel was added to the rumor which was already spreading when Allysa also took a long break in the same year for reasons which appeared to be, fixing her personal issues.


Although some reasons abound as to why Josh stopped appearing which may be that he didn’t want to share the same screen with his supposed ex-wife or probably, less payment. But, it is given that the two are no longer together.

Following their split, Allysa Rose was rumored to be dating Anthony Johnson. Her fans did show concern on who she left her husband for. But to that, she replied that she didn’t leave Josh for anyone, they simply didn’t work out their problems.

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