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Currently making waves as a solo act, Aoora has been a part of many music groups including ONE-X and AA while G.T.I is in the pipeline. The multi-talented singer is renowned for his admirable skills as a singer, dancer, songwriter, and choreographer, all of which he excels in. His music is usually laced with sexual innuendos, making most of them not suitable for some age brackets. Regardless, he is widely loved in the industry he has been thriving in since he came into the spotlight as a member of AA in 2009.

Asides stage performances and studio works, Aoora has also taken his talents to the internet where he commands the attention of thousands of followers accross YouTube, Instagram and other major social networks.

Aoora’s Biography And Age

Born on January 10, 1986, in South Korea, Aoora was the oldest among the members of AA. His real name has been revealed to be Park Geun Lee but facts about his family members are still under review as he keeps such information under the radar. However, he has not hidden the fact that he is not from a rich background and struggled to achieve the things he has now. He identifies as a Christian which is probably the religion he grew up with.

The only known academic institution he is known to have attended is Seoul National University where he majored in dance and arts. He stormed the music industry as a member of the K-R&B group ONE-X but they soon disbanded following the release of their debut digital single. Without wasting time, Aoora launched his solo career under the pseudonym gn.E in 2009. His first release as a solo artist is a 19+ rated album erotically dubbed “69” while the title track in the project is titled “Body Party”. Such titles and the suggestive lyrics that accompany them have drawn attention to him and created an age bracket in his fanbase. His music is mostly patronized by people in their 20s and 30s.

In 2011, the singer became a member of AA but left the squad in 2016 to revive his solo career one more time. At this point in his career, he started sharing original music on his self-titled YouTube channel which has garnered more than 90,000 subscribers already. While his solo career is still thriving on the side, Aoora is currently one part of Trophy Cat, a South Korean EDM duo. The band which he co-formed in 2017 with producer Friday, has made three remixes and released two digital singles in collaboration with .

Apparently not done with bands, the K-R&B sensation is gearing up for another debut with a boy group identified as G.T.I, along with Donggyun and Sibong. The trio are already on YouTube with the official channel , where more than 187k fans are already keeping up with their activities.

Aoora is obviously making progress as a musician but the details of what his success translates to financially have not been made public. His net worth will be made available once it’s been reviewed.

What Is Aoora’s Height?

Aoora stands above average height at 176cm. He maintains a fit figure that weighs around 61 kg which further complements his height. From yellow to red, pink, green, blue and many more, the singer plays with colors on his hair and this has become his signature look.

Other Interesting Facts About Aoora

1. While his songs are strongly inspired by R&B, Aoora is willing to give new styles a try in his ventures as a solo artist.

2. His favorite past time activity is playing the piano which still translates to making music.

3. In addition to singing and dancing, Aoora is a good composer. He also has skills in costume designing and edits videos very well.

4. On the personal front, Aoora is more interested in building his career that flaunting his relationships in public. He has not been linked to any woman since he became popular.

5. He can be found on all the major social media platforms including Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook, YouTube, and SoundCloud. He uses the channels to push his music further to fame.

6. He once apologized after he was heavily criticized for making faces during a presentation.

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