Aquaman 2: Release Date And Facts To Know About The Aquaman Sequel

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The odds rightly bet on Aquaman to be a great and successful superhero film, but not as successful as it turned out to be. It ended up as one of the most successful DC films and its highest-grossing film, pulling in more than $1.1 billion at the box office. Now, the attention has shifted towards the film’s sequel, Aquaman 2.

Almost everyone expected that there would be a sequel to the film and this has been confirmed by DC. However, contrary to the belief that it would be released soon so that it can ride on the wave of popularity and success of the first movie in the franchise, fans may have to wait a few years more before seeing the film.

Aquaman 2 Release Date

Regarding the film’s release date, the good news is that we are going to have a sequel. The bad news, at least for most of us that are not patient enough to keep waiting, is that it will be released 4 years after the first superhero film! Warner Bros. has revealed that the film will premiere on December 16, 2022.

Between the long period of wait, however, Warner Bros. has also revealed that it will release a spinoff horror film based on the mega-hit superhero movie, The Trench. Already, it has started developing the Aquaman horror spinoff although a release date has not been announced.

Since serious production is yet to start on Aquaman 2, there is yet to be a trailer or anything of the sort. Latest, a trailer can be expected sometime in 2021 or even early 2022.

Facts To Know About The Aquaman Sequel

With still pretty much a long time before we see the release of the movie, here are some facts you need to know about the Aquaman sequel:

Who is returning?

As easy as one can guess, we are going to have almost all the major characters that appeared in the first film. Hence, we will get to see Arthur Curry who is better known as Aquaman as portrayed by . Also, there will be Mera who is portrayed by , Atlanna as portrayed by , and then Orm who is played by . Others characters we will get to see are Black Manta, Vulko, and Nereus played by Yahya Abdul-Mateen, , and respectively.


Thanks to comics and Justice League, we get to know so much about Aquaman including his birth to a wizard father who was also a sea explorer and a mother who was from Atlantean. We have also known so much about him as well as how he has raised an army in the first film and defeats his half-brother, Orm to become the king of Atlantis.

The sequel to the movie is set to pick up from there and is expected to capture the kingship of Aquaman, as well as the battles he will face. There is no news as regards the main plot so everything is based on speculation for now. Nonetheless, with the way Aquaman ended, there is plenty of room for the movie to take on any new direction.

 Aquaman 2 villain

The first guess of anyone would be that Orm may return as a villain in the sequel to the movie. However, there is not so much indication that Ocean Master, Orm, will be the main antagonist as he was in the first film because he is cooling his heels in Atlantean prison after his defeat.

More so, Black Manta was not in a good shape at the end of the movie and was only saved from dying by De. Stephen Shin. It is possible therefore that the next real villains may be Shin and Black Manta.

Who is writing and directing the sequel?

The first film was directed by James Wan and written by David Leslie Johnson-McGoldrick and Will Beall. While for now, a lot of things still remain unclear, it is believed that the sequel will also be written by McGoldrick and Beall and it may be directed by Wan.

Again, all these are only speculations until we get to see all that DC Comics and Warner Bros have up their sleeves.

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