Ariadna Gil – Bio, Facts You Need To Know About Viggo Mortensen’s Wife

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Ariadna Gil is an award-winning Spanish actress who has become famous both in her home country and around the world for her skills and talent on screen. To her credit, she has more than thirty films, some of which have gained international attention including Labyrinth (2006), Solo Quiero Caminar (2008), and Nueces para el amor (2000). Below is a concise description of her life including facts about her career, net worth, love life, and what have you.

Ariadna Gil Biography

Adriana Gil was born into the famous family of August Gil Matamala in January 1969 in Barcelona, Spain. It was also here that she was brought up together with her two brothers.

Her interest in acting and the arts in general, began since she was a little girl. Because of this, she studied the violin, dancing, and acting, something she would later build her life around. However, the first time she sold herself was not for an acting role, but rather for an appearance on the cover of a Catalonian magazine at the age of 17.

As an actress, she began like many others, in her local theatre where she gained the fame that propelled her to starting on local TV where she got the attention of the late Spanish film director, Bigas Luna. This led to her first film role as Juan José Bigas Luna in Lola (1986).

From then on, she has come to appear in many more films including Amo tu cama rica (1991) which got her the Ondas Awards, Belle Époque (1992) with which she won the Goya Awards and Malena es un nombre de Tango (1996) with which she won the Butaca Awards and also the Verona Love Screens Film Festival. Her most recent films are L’altra Frontera (2014), Living Is Easy with Eyes Closed (2013), and Sola Contigo (2013).

Personal Life

As regards her personal life, Ariadna was once married to David Trueba who is a film director and screenwriter as well as a novelist. The actress and Trueba got married in 1993 and they remained together until 2008 when the marriage ended in divorce.

It was before her first marriage came to an end that she met on the set of Alatriste in 2008. Immediately they met, the two fell for which other, and soon afterward, it eroded into the marriage of Ariadna which had at the time, spanned for over a decade.

Although the romance caused controversy because she was still married and had two children for David Trueba, Giner was not ready to look back and so she divorced the popular director to settle down with her new found love, Mortensen. On his part, Viggo was also once married to American singer and poet Exene Cervenka. He married her in 1987, but it came to an end in 1998; they had a son together.

More than a decade since the relationship began, Ariadna Gil and Mortensen are still not married. In fact, there is nothing to suggest that they would tie the knot as they are very comfortable living together as partners. The couple lives a very private life with both hardly talking about each other or even flaunting themselves on social media. They now live in Spain.

She is also popular as the partner of multitalented American actor, painter, and writer, Viggo Mortensen whom she has been in a relationship with since 2008.

Ariadna has been blessed with two children, Violeta Rodriguez, and Leo Trueba, both of whom she had with her former husband. She is yet to have any child with her present lover and partner.


Facts You Need To Know About Her

She is super secretive

Adriana is notoriously secretive about her love life, so much that the media doesn’t get to hear much about them just as paparazzi find it very hard to steal some pictures of her and her family.

Net Worth

For an actress who has spent more than three decades plying the trade and one of the best in Spain, Ariadna Gil has a net worth that is estimated at $8 million. She made her fortune mostly from her acting career.

While her fortune is very significant, she is still way behind her partner whose net worth is placed at $30 million.

Height and weight

Gil is no doubt a beautiful woman who has a good body build to complement it all. She stands at an average height of 5 feet 8 inches (173 cm). That said, her actual weight is not known.

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