Audrey Berry – Bio, Facts About Kid Rock’s Long Time Girlfriend and Fiancee

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By our contemporary cultural standards and perceptions, the lives of the rich and famous are public property. Everything they say or do is fodder for fans and critics alike – and let’s not forget the press. From their latest house, movies, music, where they vacationed, their relationships and everything else; nothing is off the table. Audrey Berry probably never taught she would ever be caught up in the whirlwind that is the life of famous musician . But now, she is engaged to the rock star and is very much in the thick of things.

Audrey Berry’s Bio

Before her celebrity union with the famous artist, no one knew who Audrey Berry was. Nothing about where she was born, her parents, siblings or her education is public knowledge. This is harder to do now that she is a crucial part of Rock’s life, but still, she has managed to keep a lid on all that info.

The pressure to unveil her life has upped big time now though. Today, fans of the musician want to know as much about her as they know of their favorite musician. So here’s everything we know about Audrey Berry so far.

Facts About Kid Rock’s Long Time Girlfriend and Fiancee

1. Audrey Berry met Kid Rock shortly after he split from his first wife

Before Audrey came into the picture, Rock had been the poster playboy. His name had been linked to so many famous female celebrities that his fans probably lost count. Names like , , and come to mind.

However, when Kid Rock finally decided to settle down, he went with the popular sex icon and Baywatch actress, . Their union was short-lived. They were married in 2006 and divorced in 2007.

Shortly after their split, in 2010, Audrey Berry met Rock somewhere in a suburban area of Detroit, reportedly at a restaurant in the area. Apparently, they clicked and the pair have been an item ever since.

2. Her engagement to Kid Rock was a quiet affair

Audrey’s engagement to the singer came as a surprise to their fans when it was discovered. There were no flashing lights, no paparazzi, no elaborate plannings, and no luxurious hotel venue. It just happened sometime in April 2017.

Fans of the rock star were surprised to see Audrey make an appearance at Kid Rock’s Chillin’ the Most cruise wearing a diamond engagement ring. The news and pictures were subsequently carried by the likes of TMZ and The Detroit Free Press. This move took the singer’s fans by surprise as doing things on the down low was very opposite to his nature.

But it turns out that Kid Rock did that more for Audrey than for himself. He understands that Audrey is much more exposed with him in her life. Therefore he keeps mum concerning her most of the time as a way to protect her from the wolves of the media and the immense stress that comes with the life of a public figure. Apparently, her non-celebrity status is something that the music head really likes and he plans to keep it that way.

3. Kid Rock dedicated one of his singles to Audrey Berry

So Berry doesn’t just have a rich and famous partner by her side; she also has a song in her honor to prove it. When the five-time Grammy nominee released his album, First Kiss, it had a track on it titled “Johnny Cash”. As the musician would confirm later in interviews with Q Magazine and Rolling Stone, the song was inspired by his love for Audrey.

A quick glance at the lyrics of the song will lend further credence to Kid Rock’s assertion that Berry has been an elixir to his illness – his illness of playing around with many women. Audrey Berry’s fiance has said that life with her has shown him how much more simpler and enjoyable life can be with just one woman.


4. She is a redneck at heart

She did not have to learn this one from her celebrity man candy. It turns out that Berry is really into the red neck lifestyle – perhaps even more than Rock himself. She is a diehard country girl and is not afraid to handle a compound bow or a rifle while going hunting with the boys.

During Kid Rock’s Rolling Stone interview in 2015, he allowed them a rare glimpse into the kind of stuff he enjoys with Berry. On that day, the representatives of the magazine saw Berry help Rock put down some feral hogs with a 9mm pistol without hesitation. Later that day, she also prepared a nice dinner with venison on the menu and playing in the background.

Audrey Berry is also not a fan of “girly” programmes that talk about relationships and fashion and all that stuff. Kid Rock is grateful that the television in his home is constantly tuned to The Hunting Channel, while he binge-watches his favorite shows with Audrey. Talk about interest being aligned.

5. Berry is not given to panic

The singer lost his assistant, Michael Sasha, in an ATV accident in May 2016. According to reports, Michael, who had an alcohol level .20 plunged into a steep ravine on his way back from dropping off some of Rock’s party guests.

Kid Rock and Audrey were on their way to the airport the next morning when they saw the accident. Kid Rock made a 9-11 call but couldn’t keep himself together. So Audrey took the phone from Rock and calmly explained to the operator the situation of things.

When the call recording was eventually released to the public, Berry was hailed for her calm in such a tragic situation. Her ability to maintain her composure was even more highlighted by the fact that she was also in an ATV accident the previous year where she sustained a broken leg.

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