Ballers – Why The HBO Series And Its Cast Won’t Be Returning For Season 6 

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Most times, sports fans try to imagine the kind of lifestyle their favorite sports athletes live and most especially how they manage their assets; such insights are what Ballers bring to its viewers. HBO has aired the comedy-drama series for 47 episodes all within 5 seasons from its premiere date on June 21, 2015, till the show’s end on October 13, 2019. While the show was rounding up its fifth season and fans were eagerly anticipating a new season, the shocking news about the show’s cancellation was announced. Why was the show cancelled? This and more is what we will unveil as you read on.

Synopsis Of The HBO Series – Ballers

Created by Stephen Levinson, the half-hour TV show gives a little insight into the lavish lifestyle of football stars and their financial managers.

During his playing days, Spencer Strasmore had a successful football career but what he lacked during those glory days was a good financial advisor who would have made him invest his money wisely. Spencer retired from football due to a career-ending injury and ended up broke.

Years later, he returns to the game, not as a player but as a financial manager. He and his boss-turned-partner, Joe Krutel, offer financial services to football players and also try to convince upcoming talents to join their agency.

The Cast Members Of Ballers

Dwayne Johnson

American-Canadian former WWE superstar turned actor and movie producer starred in Ballers as the show’s lead character Spencer Strasmore. His role in the show goes beyond being the show’s lead character; he also served as one of its executive producers.

Dwayne’s role as Spencer Strasmore earned him two People’s Choice Awards for “Favorite Premium Cable TV Actor” in 2016 and 2017 and has also earned him many other award nominations as well.

Robert William Corddry

Robert is an actor and comedian who plays the role of Spencer’s partner Joe Krutel. He started out as Spencer’s boss at Anderson Financial before he and Spencer formed their own agency. Robert is also known for his role in the CBS TV series The Unicorn, where he stars as ‘Forrest’. The four-time Primetime Emmy Award winner is known to have featured on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart from 2002 to 2006.

John David Washington

John David Washington starred in the show as Ricky Jerret, a football player. Ricky is one of Spencer and Joe’s major clients. Interestingly, John is a former football running back who played professional football for six years from 2006 to 2012 amidst acting as well.

Omar Benson Miller

On Ballers, Omar Benson Miller stars on the show as Charles Greane, a player who retired from the game early and is in search of a new job.

Omar has played minor roles in films and TV shows such as Sorority Boys (2002), American Pie Presents: Band Camp (2005), Sex, Love & Secrets(2005), Transformers (2007), The Sorcerer’s Apprentice (2010) and Hell’s Kitchen (2016).

Troy Garity

played the role of Jason Antolotti, a highly rated sports agent. Troy is the son of Tom Hayden, a famous politician/activist and his mother is Jane Fonda, an American actress and an activist as well. Troy began his professional acting career in 1974 and he has starred in over 30 TV shows and feature films.

London Brown

American dancer, actor, comedian, impressionist and radio host London Brown played the role of Reggie, a childhood friend of NFL player Vernon Littlefield and he is in charge of handling Vernon’s finances.

Arielle Kebbel

starred on the show as Tracy Legette. Arielle and Spencer are involved in a complicated intimate relationship at the start of the show. Arielle played the main role in the show’s second season and recurring roles in its first and fifth season.


 Why Ballers And Its Cast Won’t Be Returning For Season 6

Prior to the premiere of Ballers season 5, the cable network in charge of airing the show, HBO, made the shocking announcement that the show would seize to air after the fifth season. While no specific reason was given by the cable network, speculations are that the show was cancelled based on its poor ratings. Ballers season 4 finale only pulled in 600,000 viewers, while Barry a co-HBO series that had 2.21 viewers for its second season finale.

Though marked as HBO’s most-watched scripted comedy series, during its first season recording 81% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, the show’s rating dropped to a striking 67% in its third season and it continued slipping off the radar until its last season.

Meanwhile, Dwayne Johnson, the show’s lead character further confirmed the show’s end when he posted a farewell video on Instagram confirming the show’s cancellation. In his video captioned “Cheers to our FINAL SEASON of @HBO’s BALLERS”, the former wrestler-turned-actor expressed his heartfelt gratitude for being part of Ballers project.

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