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It is no easy feat to be known as the American actress, with the longest television career of a female entertainer, or to be regarded as a television pioneer, but this star has achieved it all and so much more. It would be a cardinal sin to delve into the topic Betty White dead or alive children, husband, and wiki without looking at some cool facts about the veteran actress herself.

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  • She was born Betty Marion White Ludden on January 17, 1922, in Oak Park, Illinois. There is a lot to her name, she is professionally known as Betty White and she has also stated that Betty is her legal name and not a shortened version of Elizabeth. Her parents gave her the name Betty out of fear that she would be called a derivative of Elizabeth, such as Liz, Beth or Lizzie. So, they decided Betty was best
  • She is a Guinness World Record holder; if you check in the 2014 edition of the famous publication White was awarded the title of Longest TV Career for an Entertainer (Female) for her more than 70 years (and counting) in show business. That is one commendable feat.
  • The star has been in the business so long that she does not remember the name of the first show she made her screen debut on, but she can recount the memorable event. Here is what she said about it, “I danced on an experimental TV show, the first on the west coast, in downtown Los Angeles. I wore my high school graduation dress and our Beverly Hills High student body president, Harry Bennett, and I danced the ‘Merry Widow Waltz.”
  • Three is a charm, right? Well, White is currently on husband number 3; she married and divorced Dick Barker, her first husband, in 1945 within the space of four months. Then, she married agent Lane Allen in 1947 and that union lasted for 2 years. After that, she swore off marriage, but the heart wants what it wants; the star went on to marry widower/father of three/game show host Allen Ludden.

There is so much more to reveal about this star, but duty calls. We have to direct our attention to the topic at hand, beginning with Betty White Dead or Alive?

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Betty White Dead Or Alive?

Seeing as she is quite old, it is no surprise that people would mysteriously pronounce Betty White dead, or speculate on the topic. To shed more light on this, the star is currently 95 years old and most people in the industry kick the bucket before reaching that age, but this old timer keeps proving that she is not going anywhere.

As recent as this year, the star was a victim of the dreaded death hoax. We use the word dreaded because these hoaxes are not only peculiar to her, many-a-celebrity has fallen victim to these naysayers. Ina series of tweets on 10 May 2017, it was suggested that the star had passed on to the great beyond. According to the tweets, someone found Betty White dead in her Beverly Hills home.

Twitter users were quite upset with the news, here are some of the notable responses, “one day Betty White gonna actually die and no one’s gonna believe it because ya’ll keep crying wolf”

“Y’all need to stop joking about Betty White’s death. It’s not funny STOP GIVING ME A HEART ATTACK”

“I saw a fake moments post saying Betty White died and what I found when I swiped left was truly appalling”

Hopefully, the hooligans behind the hoaxes will refrain from rattling the general public in the future. That is all we have on the topic, Betty White dead or alive.

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Betty White’s Kids

The veteran actress never had any kids of her own, but before you get all sulky for her, catch this. Her third and last husband, the late Allen Ludden had 3 children and as such she still has her stepchildren in her life. She has mentioned that she is blessed to still have the three of them in her life.

Betty White’s Husbands

As we mentioned earlier, the star has been married 3 times; first was to Dick Barker, who was a U.S. Army Air Corps pilot. It was her most shortlived marriage, as it lasted a mere 4 months. She actually stated that her first marriage was all about sex and when the allure of that wore off, there was nothing more to stay for. Her next marriage lasted a bit longer than the first.


She tied the knot with Hollywood agent Lane Allen in 1947, two years later it all came tumbling down. In an interview with New You, White previously stated, “I wish I didn’t have two bad marriages. They were probably my fault.” The marriage she actually enjoyed and cherished was her third, too bad it did not last as long as it could have. She lost her husband of 18 years to stomach cancer.

Betty White describes Allen Ludden as the most genuine man he ever knew, the actress has not married since then and she has no intention of doing so.

Betty White’s Wiki

Betty has lived a long and full life, she was born in Oak Park, Illinois, to Christine Tess (Cachikis), a homemaker, and Horace Logan White, a lighting company executive. She may not look it, but she has a very interesting is of Danish, Greek, English, and Welsh descent.

The star’s most memorable roles include the devious Sue Ann Nivens on the classic sitcom Mary Tyler Moore (1970) and the ditzy Rose Nylund on The Golden Girls (1985). Despite that, Betty White had been in television for a long, long time before those two shows, having had her own series, Life with Elizabeth (1952) in 1952. The widow of TV game-show host Allen Ludden, she has been inducted into the Television Hall of Fame and is known for her tireless efforts on behalf of animals.

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