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If Charlie Schlatter is admired for being a fine actor, he is deeply adored for his exceptional skill in performing voice-overs and offering voices to represent characters. The American actor has been active since 1987 and has remained relevant in the industry despite the massive influx of fresh talent year in, year out. As his body of work is very much sizeable, it’d be ridiculous for anyone to assert that the man doesn’t deserve all the attention he has been receiving over the years. Check out his net worth, movies, TV shows, and other facts worth knowing about him below.

Charlie Schlatter Biography

Somewhere in Englewood, New Jersey, U.S. and on the 1st of May 1966, this actor was born and named Charles Thomas Schlatter even though he is now widely known as Charlie Schlatter.

While details about his upbringing and the family he hails from are hard to come by, it is well known that he was raised in Fair Lawn, a borough in Bergen County, New Jersey. There, at Memorial Junior High School, he embraced acting after he auditioned for a school play just to gain the attention of a girl he liked.

He would later attend the liberal arts college, Ithaca College and bag a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in musical theater. Charlie participated in numerous plays in the school and his love for acting hasn’t diminished in any way since then.

Charlie Schlatter had a date with fate in 1987 and it marked the beginning of his career as a professional actor and voice actor. As the story goes, a certain casting director witnessed that the burgeoning actor had a lot to offer during a performance and asked him to audition for a role in Bright Lights, Big City, the 1988 drama film directed by Jame Bridges. Charlie did and got to play Michael in the movie.

That same year, he got to feature in 18 Again! and as well portrayed Johnny Wolfe in the comedy film that Chris Columbus wrote and directed – Heartbreak Hotel. What followed thereafter was more roles in not only films and television; Mr. Schlatter also got to take on numerous voice performance roles in animation and even in video games.

The actor got married to Colleen Gunderson in 1994 and they have been blessed with three children – Julia, Quinn, and Beck respectively born on September 15th, 1997, November 12th, 1999, and May 12th, 2002.

Movies and TV Shows

For acting roles in film and television, the 1990s was good to him as he was part of many successful projects like Ferris Bueller, Touched by an Angel, All-American Murder, Ed, Diagnosis: Murder, Stormy Weathers, and Sunset Heat. That’s not all, he respectively played Junior Ballantine and Cadet Kyle Connors in 1994’s Silk Stalkings and Police Academy: Mission to Moscow. The next year (1995), Charlie Schlatter appeared as Jeffrey in Fox Network’s Too Something.

At the turn of the decade, he was seen as Jay Gelb in the 2003 film, White Rush. After that, he played Mike Saunders in the television film, Miss Cast Away and the Island Girls (2004). In 2007, he starred in Out at the Wedding and Resurrection Mary. The next time he was seen was in 2013 when he played Howard in an episode of Southland. His most recent appearances were in 2017 when he played Dr. Dick in Shameless and Monte Westmore in Feud. The previous year, he was Clerk Wilson in an episode of Goliath and before that, he played Lorne Davis in NCIS.

It is imperative to note that the works above are only his acting performances in film and television. The list of his voice performances in animation is quite large, spanning from 1991 to 2018. Charlie Schlatter voiced various characters in The Loud House, The Flash in Justice League Action and The Batman, Kevin Levin and Devlin Levin in Ben 10, and a lot more.

Being a talented voice actor, it is hardly a surprise that he has been able to bag a good number of voice roles for video games like Skylanders: Imaginators, Lego Dimensions, Ape Escape Academy, Kung Fu Panda: Legendary Warriors, EverQuest II, The Punisher, and much more.

Charlie Schlatter’s Net Worth

Based on the foregoing, it is easy to see why various platforms have estimated that this actor is worth $1.5 million. Even as we haven’t been able to authenticate this claim in any meaningful way, there is no doubt that Charlie Schlatter is worth that much or even more.

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