Creepshow Season 2: What To Know About Stephen King’s Horror Anthology

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Over the years and world over, man’s inquisitive nature has led to the discovery of things and the unlocking of mysteries. Sometimes, these discoveries are advantageous and helpful for the growth and development of mankind. But, on some occasions, they are so horrific and harmful that we all are left with no option but to wish we never ventured into such a realm. The forthcoming Creepshow Season 2 is going to be a succinct reminder of doors man should never have opened. Here’s everything you should know about the show based on Stephen King’s horror anthology.

Origin Of The Web Television Series

The horror series draws its life from Creepshow, a 1982 comic book by renowned American author of horror and supernatural fiction, . The TV series is a continuation of what Stephen King started over three decades ago with the original Creepshow, which made it to the big screen in 1982 under the production of Laurel Entertainment. Creepshow 2 came in 1987 and Creepshow 3 in 2006. Even though King did not produce the latter, Ana Clavell and James Dudelson (the film’s producers) revealed that the movie was in honor of King and George Romero’s horror anthology classics.

For a show that just rounded up the finale of its first season in October 2019, it’s quite a surprise that Shudder announced the return of Creepshow early. The reason for this is not far-fetched; the first season of the show is the highest-grossing TV series for the horror-based streaming service. With a rating of 93% on Rotten Tomatoes, the series was recently named among the Best 10 TV shows by Paste Magazine.

Things To Know About Creepshow Season 2

1. The Directors Are Fans Of The Show

It is no secret that the series is being made by multiple directors and producers. What many may not know is that the producers and directors are so obsessed with the show that they are giving it their all. The big names involved here include the likes of Greg Nicotero, a producer of The Walking Dead series who has been a long horror fan. There is also Tom Savini, Rob Schrab, and David Bruckner. While Tom is the mastermind behind Creepshow‘s effects, Rob co-produced Monster House and the latter co-wrote The Signal. From the list, you can see the producers and directors have one thing in common – their love for horror. So, it’s only fair for one to expect that Creepshow Season 2 would scare fans of the show.

2. Is Adrienne Barbeau Returning To Creepshow Season 2?

The California-born actress happens to be the most familiar face in the series. This is because, she has starred in all of the Creepshow movies, starting from the onset when the movie first made it to the screen on May 16, 1982. This makes her the longest-serving cast member of the franchise.

Without a doubt, her experience and familiarity with Creepshow aided the success of the first season which many will agree was rushed since casting started late in April 2019. So will the producers cast Adrienne Barbeau for Creepshow season 2 or will auditions be held to bring on new cast members? We all have to wait and see.

3. Expect More Heavyweight Appearances

Season 1 included several big names like , , , and some other surprises the viewers didn’t expect to star in a horror series. As such, due to the success of the first season, viewers can expect to see more stars in Creepshow season 2. The inclusion of new big names and stars is a way of attracting more viewers who will love to see their favorite artists in new roles.

4. And More Twists For Each Episode

The show does not toll the path of a particular storyline all through the season. It is a compilation of several horror stories and each episode comes with its own creepy moments. The premiere season testifies to this as stories were also adopted from The House of the Head (By Josh Malerman), The Man in the Suitcase (By Christopher Buehlman), All Hallows Eve (By Bruce Home) and many others.

5. When Will Creepshow Season 2 Be Released?

The end of October 2019 saw the end of Creepshow season 1. Before that, the streaming platform (Shudder) announced a renewal for a second season of the TV series. However, no official release date has been offered yet.

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