Current Vixx Members and Everything We Know About Them

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In a music industry that is saturated with numerous boy bands, Jellyfish Entertainment has made sure to create a group that offers something different than the others. After organizing the Mnet survival reality show titled MyDOL, the company put together a band of six members from the original ten contestants which they named VIXX (an acronym for voice, visual, value in Excelsis) that would be predominantly known as a concept or performance group.

To do this, the group’s music, lyrics, and overall stage performance must be crafted to always tell a story. They have so far been very successful at doing this, receiving 26 awards from South Korea and International events for their efforts.

Everything We Know About The Current Members of Vixx

1. N

N was born Cha Hak-yeon on the 30th of June, 1990 in Changwon, South Korea. Before signing on to join Jellyfish Entertainment by contesting in the MyDOL reality show, the singer participated in a musical called Gwanghwamun Love Song and entered into numerous dance competitions. His dancing ability, particularly the blindfold dance which he personally choreographed, won the Grand Prize at the Korean Youth Dance Festival.

In addition to his work with Vixx, N has since launched other careers as an actor, presenter, and radio host. He began acting just two years after launching his music career when he appeared in MBC’s romantic-melodrama Hotel King (2014). The Vixx member has further had roles in TV series like The Family is Coming (2015), and Cheer Up! (2015) among others. In 2015, he began hosting the radio show VIXX N K-pop on SBS Power FM.

2. Leo

Leo was born Jung Taek-woon on November 10, 1990, in Yangjae-dong, Seoul, South Korea. The Baekseok University student was active in a variety of sports (swimming, boxing, taekwondo (blue belt), and soccer) before he was sidelined with an injury. It was during this time that he developed an interest in becoming a singer and then applied to compete at the MyDOL reality show.

Outside of his activities with VIXX, where he was made one half of the subunit VIXX LR, Leo is a musical theatre actor. In 2014, he played the role of Lee Young-jae in Full House and Armand in Mata Hari (2016-17). Other musicals he has appeared in include Monte Cristo (2016-17) and The Last Kiss (2016-17).

3. Ken

Ken has received wide praise for his unique, soulful, and husky vocal tone. This skill did not come overnight as the singer practically trained all his life before becoming a member of VIXX. Born Lee Jae-hwan on the 6th of April, 1992 in Jayang-dong, Seoul, South Korea, the singer entered and won many singing competitions while growing up before majoring in Practical Music at Baekseok Arts University.

Like other members of the band, Ken is also an actor. He made his debut in 2014 in the comedy-drama series Boarding House No. 24. He has further appeared in musicals like Chess (2015), Hamlet (2017), and Jack The Ripper (2019). For his performance in Hamlet, he was named Rookie of the Year at the 12th Daegu International Musical Festival in 2018.

4. Ravi

Ravi was born Kim Won-sik on the 15th of February, 1993, Seoul, South Korea. Unlike other members of the group, not much is known about his life prior to him competing to become a member of VIXX other than the fact he attended Howon University.

Since making his debut with the boy band, the singer has been made a member of the subunit VIXX LR as well. He has also further launched his own solo career as well as an acting one. In January 2017, he released his debut mini-album R.EAL1ZE and the following year, he appeared in MBC’s Real Men 300.

5. Hongbin

Lee Hong-bin is a singer, actor, and presenter who was born on the 29th of September 1993 in Seoul, South Korea. The VIXX member studied music at Dong-ah Broadcasting College before becoming one of ten trainees who were contestants in Mnet’s MyDOL survival reality show.

After having made a name for himself with the band, Hongbin like other members moved to become an actor, a natural progression seeing their ability to perform on stage. His acting credits have since been seen in the SBS romantic drama Glorious Day, KBS2’s fantasy action-romance Moorim School: Saga of the Brave (2016), and the SBS Plus rom-com mini-drama Wednesday 3:30 PM.


6. Hyuk

Hyuk completes the list of the current members of VIXX. He was born Han Sang-hyuk on the 5th of July, 1995 in Daejeon, South Korea where he was raised. He studied Practical Music at Hanlim Multi Art School and majored in K-Pop Performance at Dong-Ah Institute of Media and Arts.

Following his breakthrough with the band, Hyuk has moved to act, getting his debut in the 2016 comedy-action film Chasing where he won the Best Action Movie New Performer Award (SIFF) for his performance. Other films and shows he has appeared in include Happy Together (2018) and The Great Show (2019).

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